Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheer Camp Champs!

Hailey spent last week up in Park City at a UCA Cheer Camp. She had a blast and her squad did really well.
Mueller Park received two 1st Place awards and one 2nd Place in the Jr. High division.

They also received "Top Banana" out of all the schools one day and the "Spirit Stick" multiple times.
After four days of cheering and tumbling and about 5 hours of sleep per night, Hailey arrived home Friday afternoon, took a 2-hour nap and then went off to babysit for 5 hours... good as new! (I could never do it.)

p.s. She did proudly say that she now has her standing back tuck (she's been doing it for the past year with a running back handspring) and she owes it all to our trampoline. Glad something has paid off!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am still in a bit of shock and denial that Hillary has officially moved out. Comments from people have included, "It will never be the same," and "Once she's gone, she's gone," and "This will totally change your life as you once knew it." Nothing I particularly wanted to hear...Hillary abhors being in pictures as well as me taking pictures while she's in close proximity. Thus, I have four shots--the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of her room at Wyview Park.

She is living in "on-campus" housing (at least a mile walk from BYU--good thing she has a car) with two other girls that share a room. Hillary was happy to get the single room. They have a bathroom they all share and a large kitchen and living room area.
I'm glad she's taking a "Food Preparation" class this summer as one of her Major requirements (Family & Consumer Science Ed.) so I'll know she'll at least be eating something decent twice a week during her 3-hour labs.Hillary does have a 2-week break between summer term and Fall semester so I'm sure she'll come home then since she'll need a place to stay... won't she???

Saturday, June 13, 2009


We said we'd NEVER buy Nintendo (have owned PS2 for five years now...).

We said we'd NEVER get a dog (Cooper has been a member of our family for 2 years now...).

We said we'd NEVER purchase a trampoline (bought it last week...)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

End of Year AND...Hillary Graduates!

The outgoing AND incoming Mueller Park Jr. High cheerleading squads performed a hip hop routine at at the end of year assembly Friday.
Hailey loves hip hop and knows how to strut her stuff...

The incoming cheerleaders simulated a "car" as the outgoing 9th graders soloed in the middle to some kind of rap junk. I'm sure there was a horn honk in there somewhere...

Being introduced as a returning cheerleader for next year...

Garrett loves to design and work with his hands. His CO2 car came in first place in the whole school. Wonder what he'll be when he grows up...

The Woods Cross High School Graduate!

Hillary and friends before the ceremony...

Hillary and Kristen after receiving their diplomas--happy day!

Kayley and Hillary now moving on to their next adventure at BYU--and hopefully that doesn't include getting married in the near future!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This past week...

Garrett and John went to St. George over Memorial Day weekend and rode ATVs, played tennis, went biking, ate at In 'n Out, went swimming and hot tubbing, ate at In 'n Out again...
Can I tell you how proud I was as a mother when Hailey received the "Most Forgetful" award at the end-of-year cheer social? All the cheerleaders have started to pack an extra pair of socks and bumkins for Hailey to borrow.

Hillary had her Senior voice recital last night and sang three songs; one Italian, one folk song and one Broadway. She did a great job!