Monday, May 24, 2010

A Typical Week in May...

May Madness continued as we attended many events and performances this past week. Hailey had 9th Grade Recognition Night (graduation) at Mueller Park Jr. High where students were honored for the activities and accomplishments over the past three years.

More than half of the cheerleaders were 9th graders... (don't you love the cell phone shot?)

Unbelievably, Mr. Short was Hailey's math teacher for 7th, 8th and 9th--Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II Honors.

The Victory Dance (aka as "Squirrels In My Pants")

Grammy & Papa came to Grayson's "Someone Special" lunch at Boulton and we had a pizza picnic.
Garrett's tennis banquet was held at his coach's house and we are SO going to miss Coach Cowley as this was his final year with the WX Boys team. Garrett was "privileged" to win the "Biggest Fan Club" award as his "friend" Taylor was at every home game cheering him on. "Hmmm...."
Hailey had two recitals with the Bountiful School of Ballet this weekend and did a fabulous job in their Americana Ballet as a Roman Candle (just wish we could've gotten those head pieces to pop!)
... just another week in May.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lacrosse Nationals

BYU was ranked 7th in the nation so they were invited to attend the Women's Lacrosse Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona May 5-8. John, Grayson, Hailey and I hopped in the car and drove 10 hours to watch Hillary (#15) play.

1st Game: Played Florida and beat them by 3, putting BYU in the winners bracket.

2nd Game: Against 4th-ranked Lindenwood (Missouri) and BYU lost by 3.

Hillary was assigned to play defense and stick to their leading scorer like glue.

She held her off and during one of the timeouts, Hillary's coach came out and hugged her because she was doing such a great job.

It was 9:30 at night and still in the upper 80s. Daytime temp. was 95-97 degrees.

Hailey grabbed her stick and played with whoever was willing during each timeout and halftime.
3rd Game: Against 2nd-ranked UC Santa Barbara. There were so many upsets that BYU ended up playing all the top teams. They played exceptionally well and lost by 1.

With the hot temperature (which we LOVED) we spent many of our afternoon hours at the pool.
John is always a good sport to get in the water and play whatever game or stunt the kids come up with...
4th Game: Again, had to play one of the top schools--3rd-ranked UC Davis and again, lost by 1 in the last minute of play.

Overall, BYU had a great showing even with its losses because the games were competitively close. They came out of nationals with the same ranking they went in--7th out of 16 teams. We are proud of them!
Made a quick stop at Glen Canyon Dam on the way home since we've never been there before (believe it or not...)

Happy Trails...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Catching Up...

Can't believe May is already here (probably because it still "feels" like January!!!)

My dad snapped his Achilles tendon while playing basketball with my kids at the beach and had surgery as soon as we got home from Spring break. No fun for him--especially when he walks 5 miles six days a week and will be laid up for a couple of months!

Hailey finished up her lacrosse season on the WXHS team.

She loves the sport as much as her sister and is almost as aggressive...

The team got their new uniforms halfway through the season (farewell kilts!!!) but usually had to wear underarmour and sweats because it rained or snowed almost every game...

Until next year...

Garrett and I were "privileged" to participate in our stake road shows this past week. Our ward's was based on the TV show "Lost" and we started off at the airport in the ticket line where a lot happened in front of the curtain (missionaries saying goodbye to family and girlfriends, groups breaking out in song from Fiddler on the Roof, etc.)

Of course the plane crashed and we encountered talking animals (primary children), Gilligan and crew, Castaway & volleyball Wilson and many changed words to "Wicked" and "High School Musical" songs. John was able to play the ticket taker the first night and then got "promoted" to stage hand once the original ticket taker returned. I think I know why we only do road shows every 10-20 years or so...