Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New School, New Companion, New Lifestyle

Grayson is attending a new school this year on a variance--South Davis Jr. High--and he loves it!  (Granted it's only the 3rd day, but he likes his classes, teachers, friends and he's excited to leave each morning.)  It was his decision to change and I'm glad it's working out for him.

We've had to adjust our lifestyle a bit as we went from having several children living at home a few months ago to only one now.  It's quiet.  It's lonely.  For all of us.  For FHE I decided we would start doing weekly service + activity that we take turns choosing since it's no fun to sit and listen to a lesson as the only child.  I was in charge Monday and made homemade brownies we delivered to a few neighbors and helped a widow trim her yard.  Then we went to car lots to look at cars and got a treat.  Hopefully Grayson won't be totally bored with us!

I received an awesome letter from Garrett this week which made my day.  He's been struggling a bit with a tough companion and tough situations.  I'd love to be able to give him a hug and tell him to hang in there and that it will get better.  He always does the right things to work out issues, is obedient and has a great attitude but things were not getting resolved.  A much higher power stepped in and helped resolve some of the hard things and Garrett is much happier, training a new companion that he loves and I can hear the happiness in his letter.  Happy children make a happy mom.

Cooper is a big part of our family life and he's been enjoying a quiet house.  I hope to join him in a few of his activities as soon as I get my schedule to comply...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cougar Kick-Off

I guess the Cougar Kick-Off is kind of a big deal for BYU fans.  Last Wednesday night Grayson and I drove to Provo to see what it was all about since Hailey said the cheer squad had to make an "appearance." She had just finished Day 3 of 3-a-day cheer workouts and Hailey was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.  She was excited to see us.

The squad performed the BYU Fight song for the crowd while lines were long waiting for all of the football, soccer and volleyball athletes to sign posters, shirts, hats, etc.  

Funny story.  John has a best friend Rick who lives in Colorado.  They talk on the phone as they drive home from work about once a week.  They call each other "dog."  Rick has a son who plays on the BYU football team and Hailey is a cheerleader.  We ran into this 6'5, 300+pounds of muscle player and thought it would be fun to send a picture to their dads...

Hailey actually enjoys the mingling and interacting with the fans and kids.  One mom even had Hailey take her son to the bathroom for her--kinda weird???

This is the text I received later that evening.  I hope next week isn't as tough on her as this past week has been!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Can't Keep Doing This!!!!

This is the 3rd child I have helped pack up the majority of their belongings and watch move out of my home in the past 11 months!!!!!!!!!  My heart can't take it anymore! (It's my own fault for having them so close together, but it really is quite tragic.)

John, Grayson and I helped Hailey load up her car and John's car completely full and drove down to Provo this afternoon to move her into her apartment.  

It's always so stark and empty when you first see the room.

But little by little it starts coming to life...

(John was appalled by the number of shoes she took...)

The important things:  She's settled.  She's excited.  She's happy.  She will be busy the next two weeks before school since she'll be practicing with the cheer squad at least 8 hours a day.  We all got a little teary when we hugged goodbye but she's coming home this weekend :D

...and this room will be waiting for her. 
She will be missed!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Park City, Part 2...

JJJ--this is for you... Park City, part 2!  
The whole family headed home Sunday after my birthday weekend to attend a missionary homecoming. Grayson and I headed back up to Park City Monday-Wednesday alone since John had to work and Hailey had class and tests.  Some of the photos with my phone aren't stellar but they are evidence we were there.

We rode a ski lift to the top and hiked around a bit.

Played a round of mini golf and Grayson was quite embarrassed I beat him because I truly am pitiful at the game :D

We went to a pizza place on Main... He really was happy to be there, it's just that we'd gone to the outlet stores for several hours and finished up his school shopping 3 weeks early--yay!

Found a tourist to take our photo (eyes closed, looking away)...

Hailey came back up and joined us for more fun on the slopes.


Alpine coaster (their favorite)...

 Took another lift for the Alpine Slide... plus I wanted a picture to prove Grayson is growing.  He's rapidly catching up to Hailey and he's ecstatic.

These two literally are the best of friends and have a blast together.  Hailey's counting down the days (15 to be exact) until she moves into her apartment in Provo and Grayson is dreading being the lone child in the house.

We LOVE Park City!!!

Last sidenote since I document everything:  John came back up Friday night and we met his sister and brother-in-law at The Riverhorse on Main for dinner and I had THE best macadamia nut-crusted halibut!!! Definitely going back.