Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday... Night Live!

Decided to run the Mueller Park Loop Saturday morning at 9 am since it was already in the upper 60s and a beautiful day.  There were A LOT of people on the narrow trail which makes it hard when the first 2/3s of the trail is uphill and you have to stop to let bikes and others coming downhill go past.  Next time I run this, I think I'm going to start the other way...

Cooper went to a new groomer called Sugar Plum Grooming and they were extra cute with him, made sure he felt comfortable in his environment before they started and had a report card and picture of him for me when I picked him up.  They sent him home with his tie so he is now ready for Halloween.

Saturday NIGHT was stellar--one of the best costume parties yet by our hosts, Heather and Kelly Passey.  All Saturday Night Live characters, actors, skits & sketches were so creative and hilarious!!  
I only took a few photos so I could enjoy the party but here's a taste of who was in the house...
The Brights as Church Lady and Dooneese with tiny hands won my absolute top pick of the night!
Best.Party.Yet (and I say "yet" because Heather already has next year's theme picked out...)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Visiting Vance

My uncle Vance's favorite color is red.  He's 93 years old and he has cancer.  Vance lives in Colorado Springs, CO and calls my dad every Saturday morning as well as their brother Clint and their aunt Blanche who Vance lived with when he was growing up.

My dad wanted to make sure we all had a good visit with Vance since Vance doesn't come to Utah very often and isn't planning a trip in the near future.  My dad asked my sister and I if we'd accompany him, my mom and 95-year-old aunt Blanche to Colorado to visit Vance and his wife Lois, go to lunch and spend a few hours with them.  Michelle and I were excited to go.

With everyone besides Michelle and I in their 80s and 90s, you can imagine what the average age was amongst our group.  We rented a mini van so I could chauffeur everyone around for the day.

Uncle Vance is one of the most generous men I know (next to my dad) and a fun person to be around.  He's a successful retired army Colonel and a wood artisan who enjoys the finer things in life yet appreciates anyone and everyone he meets and associates with. Vance sends my kids a healthy check when they're born, another when they graduate from high school and one more when they get married.  He always has his door open for any/all visitors willing to come. 
(This picture was taken 2-1/2 years ago when Hillary had her lacrosse nationals in Colorado Springs and my parents and I stayed at Vance's house.  He was a good sport to come out in the heat and sun and support Hillary.)

I feel privileged to call this man my uncle.  Love you forever Uncle Vance!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

UEA Weekend!

John was so busy with work on Thursday (plus he'd already been in St. George Monday and Tuesday for meetings) that Grayson, Cooper and I drove down to St. George for UEA by ourselves.  We went to one of our favorites--Buffalo Wild Wings, saw a movie, went to Sub Zero for a treat and then waited until 11 pm to pick John up from the St. George Airport. 

Once John arrived, the activities began... tennis, pickleball, bike riding, Gold's Gym, a trip to Pine Valley and a hike around the reservoir, walk to the duck pond...

...and the most exciting event of the weekend--new furniture in the family room!

 The weekend ended with Ashton's birthday--he would've been 24 years old on Oct. 19.  SO GRATEFUL the nurses told us to take lots of pictures the 2+ weeks he was with us... The photos and video we've been able to share with the kids have been priceless.  I have also been blessed with the knowledge and testimony that families are forever and we will be able to be with Ashton again someday.  Again--priceless.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy 82nd Birthday Dad/Papa!

My dad turned 82 years old today.  He sure doesn't act or look his age!!  When I went to post a few photos of him, I only have pictures of he and my mom together.  And that is exactly how I see him--as THEM!  As my mom suffers with dementia he has become caregiver, grocery shopper, cook, chauffeur, launderer and anything else that has a title.  
Better add "my hero" to the list...

I honestly don't know of any other dad or grandfather who supports their children or grandchildren more than my dad.  He flew to Colorado with me to watch Hillary play in her last Nationals on the BYU lacrosse team.

He attended the temple with Garrett weekly before he left on his mission and has written to him weekly since he's been gone...

He writes to Hailey each week as well and sends her gift cards to get extra things she needs and brightens her day...

He has attended more soccer, basketball games and band concerts for Grayson than anyone else his age I know!  Grayson feels like he's an NBA player because he "gets paid" to play.  Papa tucks a $5 or $10 bill in his hand after EVERY GAME!  (He's already got a few months of his mission money saved up from all the dough!)

 My dad is a good sport and has a great sense of humor!  He's always willing to ride the rollercoasters, shoot some hoop or hop in the pool.  And boy, does he love his grandkids!!

He also loves treats (that's where I get it!!!) and is always up for a scoop of ice cream!

 Happy Birthday dad!!!  If they handed out awards for the best, you'd be the winner!  LOVE YOU!!