Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Celebrations!

Cooper is 7 years old today!  That's 49 in dog years and I will celebrate my 49th birthday in a couple of months.  This will be the only time in our lives that we'll be exactly the same age :)  Happy Birthday to my best friend and protector--Cooper Scott Tebbs.

I love that Lakeview Cemetery always has a nice program the Sunday evening before Memorial Day.  We've attended the event each year unless we're out of town.  The sun was in the wrong position but my sis took a quick pic of Grayson and I in front of Ashton's grave.  He would've been turning 24 this year if he'd lived longer than 2 weeks...

We enjoyed spending time with my parents, the Kings and the Cotterells.

I think Grayson enjoyed having some other young people around since its been pretty quiet at our house the past few days.

I told him he needs to make sure he's making good choices since he's always being watched...(I LOVE THIS PICTURE!)

My niece Courtnie is a fabulous mother of 5 and we all love her darling children.

We enjoyed family time, beautiful weather and the tribute made to those who have fought and died for our country so that we could enjoy the freedoms we have today.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

And then there was one...

Hailey Eliza Tebbs was set apart as a missionary for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Tuesday evening, May 20.  We now refer to her as Sister Tebbs.  In addition to our Stake President, Sister Tebbs invited Grammy & Papa Milne and her friend Hannah, who will be serving a mission soon, to join our family for her setting apart.  It was a very emotional evening and we were all able to share the many things we admire about Sister Tebbs and why we think she will be a successful missionary.  

Wednesday, May 21--MTC drop-off day.  Suitcases packed and room cleaned.  Sister Tebbs did an amazing job fitting everything in for the next 18 months in Nashville.

Her hardest goodbye was to Cooper...

Since the drop-off at the MTC is so quick and you don't get much privacy, we opted to go up to the Provo Temple prior to her 1:15 pm scheduled arrival time.

Didn't realize we color-coordinated our outfits until people commented on Instagram and Facebook :)

We all thought John would have the toughest time saying goodbye but after Sister Tebbs was set apart, he said "It's GO time" and never looked back.

Grayson probably had the hardest time of all.  They have their own language (sloosh), enjoy movie night sleepovers regularly and Grayson practiced his driving with her.  They had matching friendship bracelets made (see below) that they promised to wear until she returns.

I am living proof that it's no easier saying goodbye to a 2nd missionary in the family.  I'd been blubbering for two days prior whenever anyone asked me about her and Wednesday was an extremely emotional day for me.  It didn't help that she had beautiful hand-written letters waiting for each of us when we returned home from the MTC.  I sure appreciated all the nice comments, texts, visits and treats I received which helped immensely.  This daughter of mine is a true jewel and her void will be deeply felt.

Sister Tebbs truly is ready and excited to serve in the Tennessee Nashville Mission for the next 18 months and I know she'll be an amazing missionary!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Daddy-Daughter D.C. Trip!!

John & Hailey left on the red-eye Monday night and had 4 fun-filled days in Washington, D.C.  Neither had been there before and it was on Hailey's bucket list, so they went!  They visited all the National Monuments, several Smithsonian Museums, the Holocaust Museum, Spy Museum, Bureau of Engraving, National Archives, went on White House and Capitol Tours, Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Assassination Walking Tour and a last stop to Georgetown to get D.C. cupcakes... (can you tell I planned their itinerary?? :D)

Now get home so I can have my cupcake(s)!!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday Hailey Eliza Tebbs!!!

Happy 19th Birthday to one of the most beautiful girls--inside AND out--that I know!!

Now that she's 19, Hailey Eliza Tebbs is officially eligible to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in Nashville, Tennessee in just 9 short days!  


She is WORTHY!

She is READY!

We will miss having her fun personality and laughter in our home, but know she will bring so much happiness, love and light to the people she serves as well as those she serves with!

We love you Hailey and know you will be one of the best sister missionaries in the field.

You have faith, you have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you love your Savior.  Thank you for putting your own interests on hold for 18 months to share those truths with others.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend!!

I am not a long distance runner.  I love running relays with my friends and family but a half marathon is pushing it.  After Christmas I had gained a few holiday pounds and was a little low knowing I was going to be down to one child living in our household in a few short months.  I set a goal to find a half marathon to train 100% for and "roped" my friends and family into running with me!  Hillary had me sign up for the only other half marathon I had run on a whim 3 years prior and it wasn't super fun.  Took me a whopping 1:52.  I found a 12-week training schedule online this time and followed it to a T!  What a difference dedicated training makes... plus a constant, downhill gradual course in a beautiful canyon.

This is what my app recorded.  Offical time off my timing chip was 1:33.  Got me a 1st place in the Women's 44-49 age group and 33rd place overall out of 433 runners.

This was the "after" picture.  Everyone did amazingly well!  I was especially proud of Hailey--first 1/2 marathon--not a runner--decided to train and stayed disciplined and dedicated--came in 2nd place in her 14-18 age group!!!

John finally crossed the finish line after a 15-minute bathroom stop (we were getting REALLY worried) and I was proud he attempted the race since he didn't choose to follow a dedicated training schedule :)

After a quick soak in the hot tub and a shower, I went to watch Grayson play in the JV Regional tennis matches.  He and his doubles partner beat Cyprus, East and Bountiful to become JV Regional 2nd Doubles Champs!

I was so proud of Grayson's determination to continue to play tennis with his cast, attend practice everyday and play hard to win the championship game.

The JV team was victorious as well and won the JV Regional Team Championship!

The best Mother's Day so far began when I received these beautiful flowers from Hillary and Patrick and their sweet note.

I felt especially blessed to have Hailey's mission farewell on Mother's Day.  Couldn't ask for a better gift than to listen to her bear her testimony and share experiences from reading the scriptures that have prepared her to serve a mission.  She did a fabulous job and we enjoyed so many of her friends and family at our home visiting with her after church.

And then!  When I thought it couldn't get any better!!!!  Talking to Elder Tebbs for an hour was icing on the cake!  We talked, joked, laughed, and it made me so anxious to get this fine man back into our home in 7 more months!

Finally, I saw this picture Grayson had taken of me sometime on Mother's Day without me knowing and I noticed the many wrinkles and age lines on my face.  EVERY SINGLE ONE HAS BEEN WORTH IT being a mom to my wonderful children!  Happy Mother's Day to me!!!