Friday, July 28, 2017

Happy Birthday to Us!

I have shared my birthday with my mom for 52 years. I was born on her 31st birthday making her 83 now. We will miss some of our usual birthday festivities because she can't leave Beehive Homes to celebrate but we had a fun visit, gift exchange and singing which she seemed to really enjoy. July 27th is a great day to have a birthday!

In addition to celebrating with mom, I enjoyed breakfast and lunch out with friends and family, ward friends took me for brunch a couple days prior and more friends are taking me to lunch after Grayson's leaves. A dear friend made me a butterbeer cake and it was delicious! Seems that food and desserts are the way I enjoy celebrating most :)

24th of July!

Pioneer Day in Utah is always a fun holiday with lots of fun activities, parades and festivities. We watched the Bountiful Handcart Parade on July 21 with fireworks later that evening and headed to Deer Creek Reservoir on the actual holiday July 24th and invited all the kids and their friends.

We rented two 3-person wave runners, a double kayak and a stand-up paddleboard. We stopped in Heber for burgers, fries and shakes on the way home. Super fun day which may become an annual tradition!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Temple Day!

Having a child go through the temple and receive their endowment is always a payday for parents. Having Grayson, our last child, attend the temple filled me with so much joy and gratitude. 

Bountiful Temple - July 8, 2017

It was so neat to have Garrett be Grayson's escort and have the rest of the immediate family living in the state there to support him...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Capistrano Beach Family Vacation

Our annual week at Capistrano Beach was great fun this year as Hillary had most of the week off of work and Patrick took a couple days off so he could accompany us on some of our activities.

On Monday night the family went to Hillary and Patrick's apartment for a BBQ, swimming and then go-kart racing. I met my high school cheerleader friends in Chino Hills for dinner. It's amazing we've kept in touch since graduating high school in 1983!

Julie, Patty, me, JoAnn, Socorro, Diane & Lisa 

We spent Tuesday at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia. It was quite hot inland but there were a couple of water rides that kept us cool.

The rest of our week was spent at the condo pool, beaches and bike riding...

Thursday night a photographer friend of Hillary's met us at Laguna Beach for some family pictures before Grayson leaves on his mission for 2 years. Can't wait to get them! These are just a few I shot with my phone camera.

Went to an Angels baseball game Friday night and they handed out patriotic hats to the crowd.

Glad Hillary and Patrick could say their goodbyes to Grayson and we enjoyed an amazing week together with the whole family!