Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Empty Nesting Activities

We've been enjoying being empty nesters a lot more than we thought we would! Lots of temple dates, cycling (with the old RAV designated as the cycling car so it's always loaded and ready to go), and weekly tennis lessons and ball machine workouts with our favorite coach, Jason Weir-Smith. We've also picked up pickleball and spent time two-on-two time with our married kids and their spouses. Who knew we'd have so much time to do the things we love together!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Instagram Dog

Since Hailey made Cooper his own instagram account, she's always asking for pictures to post. Cooper is very photogenic but his favorite thing is to sleep in precarious positions. Thought we should have this documented on the blog...

Sweet Everlee Ann Tebbs

 John's nephew Steven and his wife Karen had a beautiful little baby girl 3 weeks early born with Trisomy 18. She was only able to stay on this earth for a couple of weeks but we were able to say hello and goodbye at Primary Children's Hospital and attend her beautiful funeral. Such a special spirit...

4th of July Celebrations

I've gotten a little lazy about photos and I missed taking some good pictures of all our celebrating. We had a ward patriotic breakfast on June 30, a fun family BBQ with Hailey, Riley, Collin, Lacey & dad on July 2 along with the Eaglewood Car Show that evening. On July 3rd we watched the fireworks with the Rogers family at Eaglewood and 4th of July morning we had our 2nd annual hike to Elephant Rock with Hailey and Riley. I'm glad I got a picture of Riley's patriotic costume. He got over 30 mentions of it as we did the 7 mile round-trip trek.

Birthday Reunion

I'm glad we made the effort to get our old Primary Presidency back together for a June lunch to celebrate Melissa's birthday since she moved from the ward. Funny how we used to see/talk to each other weekly but now need events to bring us together when we live just down the street from one another. These ladies are some I will love and be grateful to forever!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Happy Everything to Me!

We've been empty nesters for 10 months now and there's been a bit of a learning curve but lately I've scored BIG with amazing purchases all within the same month!

I sold the Acura TL I'd been driving a few months ago and started driving Grayson's stick-shift sporty VW once the snow was gone. We finally sold it for him so I needed a car. After lots of test driving, I found this smooth-riding Lexus at Rand's Auto and couldn't be happier.

John has always enjoyed road biking but I've never had the time or interest. Now I have a bit of both and he wants someone to go riding with so he bought me a road bike. I love the color and it rides great!

Unfortunately, our computer died when we were in California so we had to get a new one. Thanks to Collin's employee discount at Apple we got a big screen and it is FAST. I'm praying that the company working on getting all my documents and 42,000 photos off my old computer can extract everything!!

Lastly, we got a pickleball net so we can practice at home :) I feel like it was Christmas, Mother's Day and my birthday all in one!!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend Staycation

John & I were so happy to get a call Friday evening on Memorial Weekend from Hillary asking if we had any plans... With all of the kids out of state (Coffeys living in Vegas, Tebbs in Wisconsin for Garrett's summer internship and Hughes in Idaho with Riley's family) we were just going to do things around home alone. Hillary and Patrick drove up to Bountiful from Vegas and we spent Saturday biking (road bikes for the girls and dirt bikes for the guys), dinner at Bombay House and Crumbl cookies...

Sunday we visited Grammy before our church and Patrick and Hillary visited his grandparents in Kaysville after church. Apparently Hillary snapped a photo of us DURING church as we were enthralled with the speakers...

Spent time napping, doing puzzles and games and hanging with Cooper...

Steve played his bagpipes at Ashton's grave on Memorial Day and we played some Top Golf! Very fun weekend and we didn't have to leave home!!!