Saturday, February 25, 2012

WX Sweethearts Dance

The siblings before they joined their dates for the Sweethearts dance which was girls' choice.

Garrett and his date Cheyenne.

Hailey and Skyler.

Hailey and her cheerleader pals.

Hailey and Kambree found out they are related as we talked with Kambree's parents taking pictures. Kambree's great grandmother and Hailey's great grandmother are sisters. They were thrilled!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

What a weekend!!

President's Day weekend was the weekend of tournaments for our family. Hillary played lacrosse in the Santa Barbara Shootout at UC Santa Barbara and Grayson played soccer in the Ice Breaker tournament in St. George.

John and I have always looked forward to the Santa Barbara tournament and make a 4-day trip out of it, but with the rest of the family staying at the house in St. George along with another family, we had to forgo this lovely tradition...

I decided to divide and conquer, so I flew to Santa Barbara early Friday morning and was able to catch Hillary play against Florida. BYU lost by 2.

Then they played Pittsburgh and BYU won by 2.

I took Hillary to lunch in between games and we hung out for a couple of hours and then I flew to Las Vegas where John and Garrett picked me up and we drove to St. George where they had arrived earlier that morning to motorcycle and ride ATVs.

We pulled up to the house at 12:30 am and Grayson's first soccer game was at 9:15 am Saturday. They won their 1st game.

Grayson found some time to ride the ATV in between games...

Grayson was able to play with his cast since he bubble-wrapped it and got lots of playing time.

They won the 2nd game...

Their team also won both games on Monday so they were tournament champions in their division.

Receiving their gold medals.

We had a great time at the house with the Richardsons, their kids and friends, Hailey and her friend Bree, Garrett, Grayson and of course Cooper.

We enjoyed celebrating Carol's birthday while we were there.

The kids also played lots of Wii along with first-timers John and Alicia!

I'm sure glad Hailey's cheer competition got cancelled that weekend because I don't think I could've pulled off attending that too!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

I posted on FB about John's "pre"-planning as his roses arrived at 9 am...

The kids got their Valentine bags from me (the boys' favorite item--NASCAR tix in Vegas next month...)

Found a fun idea on Pinterest for one of John's gifts... (he's taking the boys to NASCAR this year!)

...didn't take too long to make or come up with 52 reasons why I love him!

Fabulous lunch with my parents and sister at this place...

John took me to dinner at Tepanyaki, one of our favorites...

...and then stopped and bought me a triple chocolate treat on the way home which I consumed as soon as I got a fork!

Hope your V-Day was as good as mine!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

How could I???

How could I go to a family party and forget my camera?!!

Cute Ashlyn turned 6 and we were there to celebrate with a yummy princess cake...

... and baby Tessa enjoyed John's yummy hand. I won't forget my camera next time!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Funny Guy...

I laughed heartily for an hour and a half. Brian Regan is hilarious! And he LOVES Salt Lake as we appreciate clean humor which is what his show is all about. Even the warm-up comedian was extremely funny and clean. I will definitely go again next year.

We went with John's sister Marianne and her husband Craig and had a fabulous time.

And we saw Hillary and Patrick in the lobby! (Just noticed we even wore matching coats...)
We ended up at the Blue Lemon for an early dinner (thanks for the recommendation Karen!) and I will definitely be going back there too!! Great day all around...