Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun Road Trip to Vegas!!

Grayson's soccer team attended their first out of state tournament at the Las Vegas Cup this past weekend.  Quite a few of us are non-Sunday players so this was a great tournament which allowed us to have Friday night games instead of Sunday games plus two on Saturday.  Semi-finals and finals were scheduled Monday for those who moved on.

Grayson did well and the team as a whole played better each game against teams from Vegas, Texas and Washington who play outside year-round.  We didn't move on to the semi-finals so we were completely done on Saturday which meant "free"--no lights out at 10:30 pm, no bed check, no eating at certain times, swimming was no longer prohibited, etc., etc.  Grayson didn't want to go home yet so we decided to make the most of our time together and be spontaneous (I know, that is SO unlike me!)

Grayson had never seen "The Strip" or any of the hotels so we drove down and walked through a few of the nicer ones.  We also found the Nike store at an outlet mall so that was a big hit as well.  We used some of our Starwood points to stay at a Westin resort on Lake Las Vegas which was practically vacant (maybe because there's no gambling onsite?! :D) and we thought we were in heaven.  60+ degrees, sun, blue skies, palm trees.  We relaxed by the pool, played Phase 10, ate and drank LOTS, explored the trails and the village and shops across the way and went to church.  When we finally had to check out at 4 pm we were sad to leave.  We drove to St. George that night and stayed at our house and had a movie marathon til midnight.

4 days later we pulled into our driveway and the frozen tundra which we call Bountiful.  I think we will both remember this fun road trip for many years to come!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brought to tears...

For Christmas, one of John's younger employees drew this from a photo John has of he and Garrett and their favorite activity.  John could barely get a thank you out before he was reduced to tears.  He really misses his riding partner...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Place!!!

Congrats to the Woods Cross High School cheerleading squad who took 1st Place in the 4A, All-Girl division at Timpview on Saturday!!  After watching Hailey cheer for five years (two years in Jr. High and three in High School), we've been to MANY competitions and performances.  It's always a thrill when the girls get the top spot and their hard work and practice comes together for the performance.  The squad has 3 more competitions this season and then Hailey's cheer career is over...

Always love competition faces

Setting up for the mount

Flyer Hailey, on left

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013--A Running Start...

There's a bit of a missionary spirit in our household right now.  Garrett is having a fabulous experience in the MTC before he heads to Mexico in a few weeks and uses Preach My Gospel on a daily basis.  Hailey has expressed the desire to serve a mission when she turns 19.  She doesn't turn 18 until May so she has exactly one year before she can put her papers in.  She's been using Preach My Gospel for her personal scripture study and she attended the weekly Stake mission prep class this morning at 7:30 am (not sure how long that early morning time will last after late Saturday nights...)

Because of their examples, my goal for 2013 is to take time each day and thoroughly go through Preach My Gospel, read every scripture listed and mark them in my personal scriptures.  Along with a weekly scripture class I will begin this Wednesday, those are my SPIRITUAL goals.

In my letter to Garrett today I told him I would also be working on learning Spanish this year as my main MENTAL goal so he could hold me to it, run in 5 tough races for my PHYSICAL goal and take voice lessons for my EMOTIONAL/SOCIAL goal (since I am so nervous to sing in front of people and feel I need more confidence to do so).

I know many people come up with lots of things they want to accomplish and several goals in each of the main areas, however, for me, I felt like one attainable goal in each area would suffice and be enough to work on so I didn't come up short at the end of the year--maybe a bit of the perfectionist in me? :D

So... happy trails (running), happy reading (scriptures), en terminos feliz (Spanish) and if you ask me, I am willing to come and sing some sort of rendition of Happy Birthday on your special day!!