Monday, February 23, 2015

Wonderful Whirlwind of a Weekend!

My weekend actually started at lunch on Friday but I forgot to take a picture!!  My dad took the 3 female "Valentines" in his life to lunch at Market Street Grill which is an annual tradition...

Friday evening I went with one of my favorite people to Time Out For Women in Layton.  Karen and I enjoyed amazing presenters--Tim Ballard and Barbara Thompson...

...and the musical group "Gentry" blew my socks off!  Especially when they sang a medley from "Les Mis."

Due to it being a women's event and the usual bathroom issue, most of the men's rooms were transformed into women's rooms :)

The Saturday program was just as great and it was fun to see my cousin Eric and Mary Ellen Edmunds from Cedar City--a close friend of our moms.

Besides Eric and Mary Ellen, additional presenters included Lisa Valentine Clark, Wendy Ulrich, Emily Freeman and music by Calee Reed.  Great day!

Sunday was definitely not a day of rest as I had a 7:00 am stake meeting, attended my parent's stake conference in Sandy, attended my own church and then one more evening meeting until 8:30 pm.

My dad was released after serving 9 years as 1st Counselor in the Sandy Lone Peak Stake.  At 82, he was the oldest stake presidency counselor serving in the church.  All of our family members living in Utah were able to attend and support him on this memorable day.

Had to grab a quick family pic while we were in the same location in Sunday best!

My last meeting of the evening was our ward Primary's "Great To Be 8" program for the nine Primary children getting baptized this year.  What a fun event!  I was so tired after the long day that I was in bed and asleep by 9:30 pm!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Church Ball--1st Place! Movin' On to Regionals...

 One "positive" from Grayson's 3-month foot injury and not playing on the high school basketball team, meant he was eligible to play church ball...  With only 5 boys from our ward showing up for games, they never had subs and they played well together.  They went 6-0 and will move on to Regionals.
 Even though Grayson had to jog instead of run and loped along for the fast breaks, he still has his shooting skills and averaged about 20 points per game.  Congrats No. Canyon 6th Ward!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Weekend

John and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful mid-February weather and head to St. George for a couple of days to celebrate Valentines Day.

Garrett was coming up Friday night after work to hang out with Grayson and spend President's Weekend in Bountiful as well as attend a missionary homecoming.  Since I was gone on Valentine's Day, I left their bags on their beds for them...

John and I made it to St. George Friday evening in time for dinner...

... and a visit to Sweet Tooth Fairy for treats for a late movie.

February 14 was a beautiful day in St. George.  We started out our day by Mountain Biking on the Bear Claw Poppy Trail.

After several hours of biking, we had an extra 30 minutes before our scheduled deep-tissue massages so we stopped at the St. George Art Museum to see my dad's grandmother's wedding dress on display.  Very cool!

Massage time!

We grabbed some lunch, explored another bike trail and then headed up to Snow Canyon and hiked the Padre trail.  Gorgeous!

That was definitely the most active Valentines Day I can ever remember but definitely one I would repeat.  And so fun to spend with MY Valentine :)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's Spring--in FEBRUARY!!

We broke temperature records this weekend.  It was in the low 70s in Bountiful as well as St. George!  Grayson and I stayed in Bountiful so he could attend his basketball and tennis commitments and John and Garrett headed south to meet up with Hillary and Patrick for a couple days...

The St. George crew went mountain biking for the majority of their Saturday, played pickleball and went bowling.

In between Grayson's sports commitments, we fit in brunch with Papa and Grammy at Penny Ann's in Draper (YUM!), a long walk with Cooper, dinner at Pei Wei and a movie.  

We all were happy with our activities--the only downside was we couldn't do everything with everybody.