Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Random Ribbon Cutting...

 I learned something new about Grayson. He's spontaneous and gutsy. I've always thought him to be very methodical, decisive and one who calculates choices and opportunities before rushing into anything. He proved me wrong when I saw these photos on the City of North Salt Lake Facebook page.

Apparently, Grayson and his friends showed up at a re-grand opening of a park in North Salt Lake. They had free food. When it came time to cut the ribbon, Grayson asked the Mayor of North Salt Lake if he could cut it and the mayor said YES! All he asked was if Grayson lived around there and he said he lived a few blocks away...

Hope Grayson and his friends enjoy the new park! At least we have a new community service to add to his resume...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Beach Week - End of Summer...

I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer this year and have taken lots of trips and vacations, however, Capistrano Beach at Dana Point, CA is truly where I feel at home. I've been coming each year for the past 35 years except the summer I was serving a mission. I LOVE the beach!

Early mornings are my favorite when I run to new places and explore new areas and trails I haven't found before. 

This year Hailey and I ran to 1,000 steps beach (really about 250 steps) and it was quaint and private.

The kids enjoy their time at the beach but don't want to spend hours and days there like I do...

My wonderful childhood friend JoAnn got 3 of us into Disneyland for free (her husband is an electrician there) and we enjoyed 12 hours hopping between both parks and the weather and crowd cooperated.

The boys always enjoy go kart racing at K1 Racing in Irvine. Garrett has been the overall winner in the past but this year Grayson pulled out the 14-lap win.

It's always fun to spend a few evenings with Hillary and Patrick when they're done with work and go to dinner and other fun activities. They love the Angels!

So glad my parents bought this timeshare 35 years ago to enable us to create so many fun and happy memories over the years! Also happy my mom was able to make it one more time...

Uncle Chad's Funeral

My mom is the oldest of three Halversen siblings. Her father died when she was 36 years old and she has now outlived her mother "Nana" who died at the age of 98, her sister Marilyn who died at the age of 74 and her brother Chad who recently died two weeks ago also at the age of 74. Uncle Chad was one of my favorites and always the life of our family parties. He will be missed...

Uncle Chad was an amazing doctor, a loyal friend and brought love and laughter to all who knew him...

Brother-in-law Steve King playing a bagpipe tribute...

John and my dad were two of the pall bearers...

Chad's oldest daughter Jessica and I have always been close cousins even though we're eight years apart. She and her family were so good to Hailey when she was on her mission in Tennessee and lived nearby.

All eight Halversen cousins from the three siblings Renee, Marilyn and Chad.

Annual Benihana Birthday Dinner

Whoever is in town the Monday night following my birthday gets to enjoy dinner at Benihana with me! Last year it was just me and the boys. This year John was in town but Hailey wasn't... I always look forward to this tradition!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mother Daughter Fitness Week at Movara

I have been trying to get some quality one on one time with all my kids and when my friend Lauretta and I talked about doing a fitness resort together we asked our daughters if they'd like to join us and they were excited! Movara Fitness Resort in Ivins, Utah is amazing! The scenery is gorgeous and facility was top-notch.

In between early morning 2 to 2-1/2 hour hikes and four to five additional daily exercise classes, we spent a couple of hours each day listening to professionals in lectures about nutrition with a dietician, emotional eating and planning strategies with a life coach and many others.

Classes consisted of kickboxing, zumba, hip hop, total body tabatas, boot camp, stretch and core, foam roller, barre, circuit training, H2O, Aqua Zumba, cardio intervals, matterhorn, treading, cinco speed, etc. in three different gyms and the pool with excellent instructors. Sharon was just one of about eight different trainers that worked with us and she was incredible.

We ate our meals in the dining hall or out on the covered patio. I can't even believe how delicious the food was and so low in calories and beautiful presentation.

We could choose a different breakfast option every day (homemade granola was a favorite!) and lunch and dinner menus were set. Unlimited salad bar with homemade dressings which added additional calories. Snacks were also provided twice a day.
Fiesta Enchilada
Chicken Tortilla Soup
London Broil
Buffalo Chicken Salad and Won Ton Soup
Lasagne Rollups

Our Monday morning hike was a fitness evaluation to see which van we'd be assigned the rest of the week. Our group stayed at the very front of the pack with our Boston University friend Dr. Ben. First hike was Sidewinder and it was about 7-1/2 miles round trip.

On Tuesday we chose to kayak at Gunlock reservoir instead of the morning hike. We were the only ones on the lake at 7 am.

Wednesday found us hiking Camelback, not far from Gunlock Reservoir. 

We went into Snow Canyon on Thursday's hike and did Central Park up and down through the petrified dunes. It was a tough one.

Friday we chose the Stop Sign hike which starts at the guard station at the bottom of Snow Canyon and goes through the middle to another guard station. We walked up the 4.3 1,000 ft. elevation climb to the stop sign then turned around and ran the 4.3 miles down.

Saturday's hike was a great way to end the week! We hiked to Kanarraville Falls which I've wanted to do for a long time. The creek was full due to recent rain and it was cold. We spent more time crossing the creek with wet feet and legs than we did out of the water...

I had a great week with Hailey doing things I enjoy most and experiencing some new things as well. The best part of each day was getting outside and enjoying our beautiful world! I hope this becomes an annual trip!!