Saturday, April 26, 2014

2nd Time Around...

What started out as a 2-week AAU Spring Fling tournament I was really looking forward to (our games were all scheduled at WXHS which is a first in the school's history)...

...ended in a not-so-fun evening at Instacare.

After only 5 minutes in the game, Grayson took a charge under the opposing basket and went flying into the brick wall, using his hand to brace the landing so he wouldn't hit his head.  He suspected it was broken right away after experiencing the same thing on the other wrist 2 years prior in another basketball tournament.  Got it splinted until he could see the doctor and get a real cast.

He chose a blue cast so it would match his tennis uniform.  He still intends to practice with the team and if he can figure out how to serve with the cast, he'll try and play in a match before the season is over in a few weeks.

The positive thing about the outcome--he's a 9th grader and not a senior.  Lots of team sports ahead...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend!

As you can see, I wasn't in Bountiful when I took this picture :)...  Grayson and I left Thursday morning and drove to Vegas for a basketball tournament with his 9th grade Wildcat team.  The coach let the boys swim and goof around before/after their games so they had an awesome time. (Grayson is the one with his legs crossed and his friend Taylor in blue is sitting on him.)

They had their first game Thursday night at 9 pm and the next one Friday at 1:30 pm.  They played tough teams from Vegas and California and lost.

#24 Grayson playing point guard

On Saturday morning their first game was at 8 am and because I'd seen the calibre of teams at this tournament, I fully expected to be on the road heading north easily before noon.  However, they won that game so they played at 1:25.  Won that game, so they played again at 5:45 pm.  Won that game, so they went to the championship game of their bracket which was at 8:00 pm!  They lost, earning them 2nd place but they were still pleased with the outcome--especially their coach.

Grayson and I got to St. George at midnight, slept until 4 am and drove back to Bountiful so we could make it to 9 am church and all of our family Easter activities!  Our immediate family egg hunt is getting quite small...

Hailey received the rest of the things she needs for her mission and a movie to watch before she goes...

Grayson was quite ecstatic about his loot...

We're glad cousin Courtnie has so many darling kids which made the next egg hunt at Grammy & Papa's in Sandy so fun and entertaining!

Our last stop was in Kaysville where John's sister hosted the 4 sibling May birthday celebration (since we're all too busy to do it next month).  

We got home before 10 pm so I calculated I had driven more than 500 miles in a 24-hour period and had 3 hours of sleep!!!  Good night to me!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This Whirlwind Called Life!

I have been neglectful of my blog of late as I tend to instagram the pic of the moment and don't have/take the time to download photos and post... however, I NEED to blog for my friends and family who don't use instagram as well as the missionaries in the family who I print my blog off for to keep them up to date with this whirlwind we call LIFE!

On March 22, John's mom Barbra Tebbs celebrated her 80th birthday!  She wanted a birthday lunch at Robintino's.  The cousins love getting together and are always laughing about something...

Grayson had a fun experience participating on the WXHS JV basketball team in a recent AAU tournament.  He was able to show the coach what he can do with a few 3-point shots and awesome ball-handling skills. 

 General Conference weekend... We LOVE the girls' shopping trip (with money envelopes from Papa!) while the men attend the Priesthood Session.  We meet up with everyone for dinner at Olive Garden.  Hailey had fun with her beautiful little cuz Capri :)

We were so lucky to attend the Sunday morning session of Conference and enjoy Music & the Spoken Word prior to the session.  We loved it!!

I was able to participate in a fun service activity for the sister missionaries in the SLC Mission at their transfer meeting.  The ladies who participated are all missionary moms so it pulled a little on our heartstrings as we made/packed/served lunches to these missionaries.

Enjoyed attending gorgeous Ashlyn's baptism (the oldest great grandchild of my parents).  Ashlyn is Capri's big sister and a great helper and example.

 The highlight of this recent whirlwind of activities was going to the temple with Hailey.  It was such a beautiful day--inside and out--and I felt so blessed to be there with her.  It's one of those places in life where you reach it and you revel in the moment, knowing your child is one step closer on the path of returning to their Heavenly Father.  3 down, 1 to go...