Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eagle Scout Project!!! Almost done...

It was a happy Mama Tebbs this past Friday that watched her 13-year-old son get a large portion of his Eagle Project completed.

Grayson contacted the Guadalupe School in Salt Lake back in June about things they needed done that they couldn't afford to do.  The Principal told him they needed new wood chips for their playground before school started at the end of August.

Grayson called Bob's Tree Service and asked if they could donate 25 yards of wood chips.  They were very accommodating (even when a truck broke down and we had to wait a week for a new part to come in), dumped their loads and drove away.

Grayson got 7 other scouts to come and help him spread the wood chips around the playground.

It was extremely hard work and they toiled steadily for 2 hours shoveling, dumping, spreading and raking the wood chips to cover the whole playground.

We were all thrilled to see those two huge loads disappear...

Grayson and his crew!

Now he's just got to fill out the mountain of paperwork required and have his Eagle Board of Review!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Graduate(s)!

Hillary graduated from BYU Friday morning with a Bachelor of Science in Home and Family Living.  She was scheduled to graduate next April (4-year-plan) with a totally different major and two minors.  Plans changed as did her relationship with Patrick and she was able to finish her studies in 3 years so she could get a degree in August, get married in September and move to Irvine, California where Patrick has a job with Ernst & Young in October. 

We were all there to cheer her on and are so proud of her!  Her fiance Patrick graduated a few hours later with his Bachelor of Science in Accounting. 

I am so excited for their upcoming adventures together!  Go COUGARS!!!