Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy 16th Birthday Sport!!

Grayson is 16!!! Legal to date--legal to drive--but with a broken foot, it's pretty hard to do much...  He has been the perfect example of what it means to be "a good sport."  He's got an amazing positive attitude about his situation, never complains and goes forward with his plan pretty much how he's done his whole life!  This is a sports tribute to him because he's truly learned how to be a good sport and has always shown good sportsmanship on whatever team he's participated with. 

And... he's tried about every sport out there and is a fabulous athlete:

One of mom's proud moments--Eagle Scout at age 13!

He's the best!!!!  Plus, he's one of my best friends and I love him to pieces!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

He's Home!!!!!!!!

November 10, 2014 - Elder Garrett Tebbs is scheduled to arrive on American Airlines Flight 2423 at 1:35 pm, Terminal 1.  We went out early Monday morning in the frigid cold (sub-30-degrees) and hung up a few welcome-home signs.

I kept myself busy until I picked Grayson up from WXHS and we drove to the airport where John, my parents, Kelly Passey and a couple of Garrett's returned-missionary friends and Kerra met up.

First sighting!!!  Then... I couldn't wait to run right to him and hug him fiercely tight.  We were all in tears.  2 years is a LONG time!

He couldn't believe how much Grayson had changed and grown.  He's almost as tall as Garrett now.  He also was thrilled to see his grandparents who help support him and Papa, who never missed a week writing to him the whole 2 years.

He really is home and it is AMAZING!!!  He has been SO missed!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Better Day for Gray...

At the beginning of the week, 4 of us moms started texting each other about our 4 boys turning 16 within days of each other.  We thought it would be fun to not only combine our efforts and have a party, but to make it a surprise.  We sent a few texts to the boys' close friends about the plan and asked them to invite 50-75 kids to the party.  What a success!  We had between 80-100 show up and the boys had no idea what was going on...

We had a waffle wagon, nacho machine, smoothies, snacks/treats, Dance Central, karaoke, photo booth and lots of hanging out.  The weather cooperated as well!

Thanks to the amazing moms for their planning and slyness...
Grayson and me, Luke & Amy Johnson, Sam & Emily Bennion, 
Luke & Mindie Dalley
Not sure who had more fun--the boys or the moms!!!

I was glad to see a smile on this boy's face after his rough week--
what a champ!
Happy 16th on November 13!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Worst Day(s) of His Life...

Grayson and John went ATV-ing in St. George last Saturday.  I didn't go with them because I don't ride "scary" things.  Glad I didn't witness Grayson's ATV rolling on top and over him as he tried to climb a steep hill.  He was wearing a helmet and the accident could've been much, much worse but we were all so sad and disappointed to find out Grayson's right foot had been crushed and he would need surgery to put in some pins and a long healing process.  Not what this almost-16-year-old had planned with high school basketball tryouts next Monday (he's been in the basketball conditioning class this semester to prepare) and turning 16 next week, ready to get his license and start driving.
 This photo is right before he went in for surgery and had a versed cocktail to relax him.  He was pretty nervous and concerned about getting an IV.

As soon as he went in for his 2-hour surgery/recovery, I walked across the street to LDS Hospital and visited my beautiful friend Erica and her adorable baby boy Rex.  What a treat!  So excited to watch him grow up and be oh so loved by the Rogers family...

Back to the surgical center to help get Grayson ready to go home.  All he wanted to do was hold my hand (which I loved!)

Brought him home to recuperate and Cooper gave him some love.  Didn't even care that it was his surgery leg!  THEN the other love started pouring in...  Grayson's YM advisor Ryan Mower brought him a huge bag of his favorite "stash" and items to make root beer floats.  His aunt and uncle Steve and Michelle brought him more favorite treats and a delicious dinner for our family to enjoy after a crazy, stressful day.  Much appreciated.

His awesome friends showed up next (after basketball practice Grayson should've been to) and brought balloons, a huge Texas donut and chocolate milk.

His good friend Brooke also popped in with Grayson's favorite Keva which hit the spot.  
He is loved!

One day down, 80+ to go...  He's a champ! So proud of his positive and upbeat attitude through this "trial" willingness to make the best of this situation.  Love him!! (and I'm secretly happy to have a few more months driving him around so we don't lose our "chat time")