Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy 16th Birthday Sport!!

Grayson is 16!!! Legal to date--legal to drive--but with a broken foot, it's pretty hard to do much...  He has been the perfect example of what it means to be "a good sport."  He's got an amazing positive attitude about his situation, never complains and goes forward with his plan pretty much how he's done his whole life!  This is a sports tribute to him because he's truly learned how to be a good sport and has always shown good sportsmanship on whatever team he's participated with. 

And... he's tried about every sport out there and is a fabulous athlete:

One of mom's proud moments--Eagle Scout at age 13!

He's the best!!!!  Plus, he's one of my best friends and I love him to pieces!

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Tracy said...

Alicia very Cute pictures. Where does the time go? Very handsome boy!