Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Better Day for Gray...

At the beginning of the week, 4 of us moms started texting each other about our 4 boys turning 16 within days of each other.  We thought it would be fun to not only combine our efforts and have a party, but to make it a surprise.  We sent a few texts to the boys' close friends about the plan and asked them to invite 50-75 kids to the party.  What a success!  We had between 80-100 show up and the boys had no idea what was going on...

We had a waffle wagon, nacho machine, smoothies, snacks/treats, Dance Central, karaoke, photo booth and lots of hanging out.  The weather cooperated as well!

Thanks to the amazing moms for their planning and slyness...
Grayson and me, Luke & Amy Johnson, Sam & Emily Bennion, 
Luke & Mindie Dalley
Not sure who had more fun--the boys or the moms!!!

I was glad to see a smile on this boy's face after his rough week--
what a champ!
Happy 16th on November 13!!!

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