Friday, March 16, 2012

Sneak Peek...

The Woods Cross Dance Company is having their annual concert March 19 and 20. They did a mini performance this morning for a couple of Elementary Schools so I was able to get a sneak peek before Monday.

The theme is "Stories" and Hailey is in 6 of the 11 dances. (Can you tell this one is Red Riding Hood?)

There's a cool "Hunger Games" dance...

..."Night of the Living Dead" zombie piece...

Each of the 21 members of Dance Company had to have a partner for the zombie dance so Garrett is also in the show...

... however, he's not Hailey's partner. Katy asked him first.

So... if you want tickets for an entertaining FHE next Monday (or Tuesday), give me a call.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Final Curtain...

Hailey was in her final performance of Cinderella with Creative Arts Academy last night... performance of ballet really, as she is quitting ballet classes after 11 years.

She's too busy, has other interests and is ready to take her final bow.

I will miss watching her dance...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let the games begin!

What a difference a year makes! The Woods Cross girls lacrosse team only had 12 girls last year (that's how many need to play on the field) and ended up having to play down a couple players each game due to conflicts, illness, etc.

There are 23 girls this season!! (Bountiful didn't have a coach this year so 7 girls came from Bountiful's team and the rest went to play at Viewmont)

They also moved to a different division to meet their skill level which is a good thing...

WX had its first game vs. Timpview on Monday and they won 10-8. (Don't you love her straps?!)

Hailey made 8 of the 10 goals.

She is trying to make it through the next few weeks juggling her ballet dress rehearsals and recital this week, Dance Company dress rehearsals and performances next week and WX cheer tryouts the week after that.

The girls are really bonding as a team and were thrilled to have their first game and first win under their belt.

Go Wildcats!