Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Happy Birthday Cooper! He's 2 years old today. We bought him when he was 8 weeks old so we're the only family he's ever known.

Hailey made a batch of "Puppy Love" muffins. The recipe made about 3 dozen so we'll have to freeze a few to dole out at other important dog events.
My gift to Cooper was a run up Mueller Park canyon which he loved (except being chased by two big dogs on the way down)...

... and a long dog nap next to me while I downloaded his photos onto the computer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Will May ever end? I'm tired...

This is why May is worse than December for me... With four kids there are so many events, programs, awards nights, dinners, recitals, etc. that I CAN'T GET TO ALL OF THEM AND I HATE IT! I am a "stalker mom" that shows up for scrimmages, games that don't count, dress rehearsals, watches the end of a practice, has a personal relationship with each coach and teacher--because that's just what I do and who I am (much to my children's dismay).

Just last night Garrett had his WXHS Tennis Banquet (which John and I both missed)...

Hailey made Madrigals at MPJH so she was part of the Madrigal Exchange at the beginning of the school's choir concert (which I missed--John ran over and saw the exchange but missed the picture, darn)...
...BECAUSE we hosted Hillary's lacrosse banquet at our house at the exact same time.
The food was catered from Texas Roadhouse (thank goodness) and Lauretta S. and Kristen H. helped A LOT (thank goodness) and Hillary was appreciative (amazing).

The Varsity Captains put the whole program and awards together.

Hillary won "Offensive MVP" because she scored the most goals this season (like a billion) and she was the most aggressive (averaged 1-2 yellow cards per game).

I'm glad I was at least able to make it to one event last night... hopefully next year Garrett will still be on the tennis team and Hailey's Madrigal Concert will be on a different night!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hailey's BIG Day...

Saturday was CRAZY for Hailey (and I guess for me as well...). Her day began with a 6-hour dress rehearsal for her upcoming ballet recital (there are two casts and she's in both--thus the long rehearsal). She is a beautiful dancer and looks so petite when she dances on pointe.She had about 30 minutes after her dress rehearsal to get ready for her jazz and hip hop recital that started at 4 pm. I LOVE watching Hailey in these dance genres. She is the smallest--but the spunkiest!

Hip hop is my favorite and I think it's Hailey's too. She gets to throw a back flip and an aerial in the routine and her little body has some funk goin' on!

Since her 14th birthday is Tuesday, May 12 and there are NO free nights on the calendar for the next several weeks, Hailey decided to "squeeze in" a birthday party that night too~!

She had fabulous food (Panda Express), fun (manicures & movies) and friends (13 in all)!

GREAT DAY... but glad it's over!

Monday, May 4, 2009

John's Ohio Birthday Trip

I like to surprise John on his birthday every couple of years with a 3 or 4-day trip. My ideal would be tropical, beach, pool, massage... his favorite trips are American or Church History! I decided it was time for me to return to Cleveland, Ohio where I served an 18-month mission 22 years ago and John would get to visit Kirtland. First stop... Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum where we spent several hours, believe it or not.

We drove through 3 of the 4 areas where I served and even found all of the places I lived as a missionary. One of my favorite areas was in a small town called Wellington where we visited with Karen and Ed Young, wonderful Catholic friends I've kept in touch with all these years.

We spent a day in Amish territory enjoying the countryside, shopping, simple and quiet life of these humble, religious people. And... good thing I LOVE cheese! We visited an Amish cheese factory called "Heini's" and sampled 50 different types of cheese (no exaggeration). They also had 10 kinds of fudge and 8 cream cheese spreads we tasted with pretzels. Couldn't have enjoyed a happier day... (as I waddled out of the factory).

The countryside, scenery and farm houses were beautiful... and the Inn and Bed & Breakfast where we stayed were fabulous!

Our last day and a half was spent touring all of the Kirtland sites; John Johnson farm, Isaac Morley farm, Newell K. Whitney store, sawmill, ashery, Joseph & Emma Smith home, Kirtland Temple. John truly was in church history heaven and couldn't have been happier with the trip, especially ending on such a spiritual and uplifting note...

I'm already starting to plan John's next birthday trip...