Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweethearts Dance

Taylor asked Garrett to the girls' choice Sweethearts Dance.

After she got her gorgeous dress, she helped Garrett shop for a matching shirt...

For their day activity, the girls took the guys to IKEA for a little hide and seek and shopping...

They were heading to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner before the dance...

We finally got 9 of the 12 couples to fit in a picture. They're all heading to Taylor's after the dance for treats, games and a movie. I told Taylor's mom to kick them out at 1 am.

Pretty funny... Garrett has taken three girls in this picture to previous dances. I'm glad they're all such good friends--and Taylor a little bit better friend than the others :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It Never Rains in California...

... it pours!!! John and I thought we'd tack on two extra days of touring to our Santa Barbara trip to watch Hillary's lacrosse tournament--little did we know it would be California's 2nd biggest storm in many years. We flew into Monterey and explored Cannery Row.

My favorites shops usually have sugar, candy and/or chocolate.

We enjoyed a delicious evening meal at this place.

We drove down the coast to Big Sur.

We went on a 3-hour Monterey Movie Tour which was incredibly fun and included the famous 17-mile drive and this lone tree which has been in many films.

Also stopped at Pebble Beach to warm up by the fireplace while looking out on the beautiful coastal golf course.

Headed to Carmel and another Sweet Shop.

A short break in the rain to catch a gorgeous Carmel sunset.

Drove 4 hours south to Santa Barbara for a 2-day lacrosse tournament which we literally stood in pouring rain to watch. BYU beat Pittsburgh and Texas handily, lost by 1 in overtime against Florida and had a good showing but lost to #1-ranked Cal Poly.

Hillary got a lot of field time and played hard.

The things we do (and wear) for our kids...

... until next year Santa Barbara--you owe us!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grayson's 1st Dance!

Grayson and pals ready for the 6th grade Valentine dance...

The room was buzzing with pre-teen hormones!

The food...

Grayson's "girlfriend" on one of the waltzes...

This was hilarious! Look at Grayson doing the Cha-Cha Slide. HE IS EATING A COOKIE!

16th dance and he's exhausted...

... but I think his first dance was quite a success!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Catching Up... a week's worth.

Started out last Sunday night with a birthday party for my niece's darling 5-year old. She seemed to love the glamour kit we gave her (don't know if her mother will though...)

Grayson has been going non-stop with student council activities such as visiting care centers and hanging up student artwork in patient's rooms, as well as collecting and assembling Valentine Grams for a fundraiser. He's had a Chinese New Year lunch and parade and a 6th Greek Wax Museum, where all the 6th graders dress up as a pre-determined Greek God/Goddess and have a red dot on their hand in which the viewers (student body and parents) can press to get information from that God/Goddess. I told Grayson I "don't do costumes," so he was on his own to scrape up something to be Jason and the Argonauts. (Notice the lacy sheet he found...)

Mueller Park Jr. High had all of last year's cheerleaders return for their last home game and I couldn't believe Hailey and the rest of them still fit into those tiny 9th-grade uniforms! Good for them!

Our YW won their first basketball game and Hailey was on fire... (she's as aggressive as the other women in her family!)

Saturday was a day of performances. We attended Les Miserables at Woods Cross High School and it was truly an amazing production. Couldn't believe high school students could pull it off and make it a semi-pro performance. John and I were also lucky enough to be invited to the new Centerpoint Legacy Theater gala in Centerville. The old Rodgers Memorial Theater which we have participated in many plays individually and as a family is no more, and this new theater is taking it's place. Gorgeous! Also got to see "Hairspray" and "Taste of the Town" from Bountiful. Fun night--but I've had my fill of broadway shows for awhile...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hush, hush... Congratulations!

You probably thought someone was having a baby by the post title BUT it was actually a HUGE surprise for my dad last night at the Sandy City Appreciation Awards Banquet. My mom was so good about keeping the secret and even excused herself from the dinner to come out and make sure John and I had arrived.

My dad received the Noal Bateman Long Time City Service Award--the most prestigious award handed out each year by Sandy City. He has done so much for Sandy since they moved from California when he retired 17+ years ago. He has served on the planning committee, architectural review board, metropolitan water board, etc., etc., etc. Sandy probably wouldn't be as well-planned as it is if it wasn't for my dad.

He is a hard one to surprise so we were thrilled that the award was so unexpected. Trying to hold his emotions in check after receiving such a prestigious award...

You've heard the phrase, "without you, I wouldn't be me...?" This is SO my parents!

People were standing in line to congratulate him.

So many hugs, handshakes, and well-wishers...

Congratulations Dad--you totally deserved it! Love you!!!