Sunday, February 13, 2011

Catching Up... a week's worth.

Started out last Sunday night with a birthday party for my niece's darling 5-year old. She seemed to love the glamour kit we gave her (don't know if her mother will though...)

Grayson has been going non-stop with student council activities such as visiting care centers and hanging up student artwork in patient's rooms, as well as collecting and assembling Valentine Grams for a fundraiser. He's had a Chinese New Year lunch and parade and a 6th Greek Wax Museum, where all the 6th graders dress up as a pre-determined Greek God/Goddess and have a red dot on their hand in which the viewers (student body and parents) can press to get information from that God/Goddess. I told Grayson I "don't do costumes," so he was on his own to scrape up something to be Jason and the Argonauts. (Notice the lacy sheet he found...)

Mueller Park Jr. High had all of last year's cheerleaders return for their last home game and I couldn't believe Hailey and the rest of them still fit into those tiny 9th-grade uniforms! Good for them!

Our YW won their first basketball game and Hailey was on fire... (she's as aggressive as the other women in her family!)

Saturday was a day of performances. We attended Les Miserables at Woods Cross High School and it was truly an amazing production. Couldn't believe high school students could pull it off and make it a semi-pro performance. John and I were also lucky enough to be invited to the new Centerpoint Legacy Theater gala in Centerville. The old Rodgers Memorial Theater which we have participated in many plays individually and as a family is no more, and this new theater is taking it's place. Gorgeous! Also got to see "Hairspray" and "Taste of the Town" from Bountiful. Fun night--but I've had my fill of broadway shows for awhile...

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Karen said...

We are going to see hairspray in a couple of weeks. Glad you like that and le miz. I was fun chatting with you and the other girls until midnight!