Monday, April 19, 2010

More Weekend Bliss...

Hillary flew with the BYU Lacrosse team to Colorado Springs for the day on Saturday for Regionals and they beat Wyoming and CSU to become Region Champions. Still waiting to hear if they're heading to Nationals next month. She's already looking forward to her Sophomore year (as am I...)

Garrett went to WX's Senior Ball Saturday night at the Capitol. They took the girls to the new Boondocks in Kaysville for the day activity and then to the Mandarin for dinner before the dance.

Does she look familiar? Garrett asked his "friend" Taylor again. We were so happy she and her grandma made her beautiful dress because she also made a matching tie for Garrett!

Just glad they had a lot of fun and they're good kids...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grayson's Big Day...

... became my big day. Started off with the first annual Utah Hustle All-Star basketball game at 8:30 am at the Rec. Center. He was excited to get his lucky #1 jersey. (This picture pretty much illustrates Grayson's height compared to his teammates and most boys his age. That's why he has worked so hard on his outside shot!)

He was fouled often as he drove in to score so he got many opportunities at the line...

... and dropped them all.

He's very fast and a great dribbler.

Final score for the home team...

Immediately after the basketball game we flew to the next venue for his 10:30 soccer game. With only one sub, he played many positions and played almost the whole game. He was exhausted.

Grabbed a quick bite to eat with 15 minutes to spare and rested up in the car until he started his ref job at 12:30 pm.

We'll probably both hit the sack early tonight... (I guess John can stay up for Garrett's return from Senior Prom!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Activities

Where has the month gone?! Our Easter celebration began at Grammy & Papa's house with their only grandchildren (mine) and great grandchildren (Courtnie's) that live here.

The annual egg hunt commences with a bag handed to each child with a bunny on the front that is the color of the eggs you search for. You can only get YOUR color.

Garrett always gets orange and there are four big plastic eggs and two small plastic eggs hidden in Grammy & Papa's basement. They all have money in them.

Once you've found your plastic eggs (the kids always need a little help because Papa is such a good hider), you can start looking for the smaller chocolate eggs that are hidden everywhere.

The smaller kids get to search from the waist down and the bigger kids get the higher ones. Again, Papa is very tricky and when he hides them from year to year, he ALWAYS finds at least one egg that didn't get found the previous year.

Cooper enjoyed his Easter goodies too!

The morning after Easter, Garrett, Hailey, Grayson and I hopped on the plane to So. Cal so we could enjoy our annual trek to Capistrano Beach/Dana Point.

That first venture into the ocean is always a cold one...

We visit different amusement parks each trip and we headed to Knott's Berry Farm this time. My mom won't go on roller coasters but she does enjoy the swings.

Garrett and Grayson are usually good to go on most roller coasters (the girls will do any of them)...

Hailey found a friend in Camp Snoopy. Couldn't tell if it was Linus or Schroder...

We went to one of our favorite restaurants El Torito two times in six days--mostly for the fried ice cream!
John was able to join us for the last two days and spent it playing basketball with the kids, riding bikes to San Clemente Pier and taking them to an Angels baseball game.

So long until next year... (6 months for me, however)

Now on to the rest of the month...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Cheerleader!

I have a very happy girl that will be switching her Mueller Park Jr. High baby blue poms for some royal blue ones at Woods Cross High School next year.
Hailey had cheer tryouts Friday afternoon along with 30 other girls for some coveted spots on the WX 1st-place cheer squad. There were 12 returning cheerleaders and Hailey and a couple of her good friends filled up the remaining spots on the squad.

I am SO proud of Hailey! and I guess all those years of dance and tumbling paid off...