Monday, April 30, 2012

SURPRISE--Happy 50th John!!

What to do... what to do... get him what he REALLY wants!  A Suzuki 400 dirt bike.  Since I know absolutely NOTHING about motorcycles and don't like them at all, I asked a friend of John's that works for him to help me locate this particular bike.  He found one--in Montana!  I enlisted his help to pick up the bike with Garrett and our Trailblazer.   I came up with some crazy story about Garrett going to a drive-in with a group of friends, seeing a double feature, wanting to take the Trailblazer to fit in more people, spending the night at a friends', etc., etc.  It all worked out and we stored the bike in someone's garage for a week.

Yesterday after church, John opened up the garage to the biggest surprise of his life...

He was SO excited.  The funny thing is that just the day before when he was working in the yard with Garrett he mentioned that as soon as I wasn't looking, he was going to go get this exact bike.

Hopefully he'll be riding with a helmet and not in church clothes...

The kids also came up with 50 gifts which he loved!!

More surprises to come...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Final Game...

The BYU women's lacrosse team went to league playoffs Saturday at Westminster and played rival University of Colorado and lost 13-9.

Hillary played the whole game and made some great runs and played tough defense.

BYU knew it was a do or die situation and really started out timid and made some mistakes the first half that they never make.

The score was 9-2 for CU at halftime.  BYU came back strong to score 7 points in the second half where CU only scored 4.  Too little, too late for BYU and their season is over.  No Nationals.

It was also Hillary's last game as she plans on graduating in August.

I've LOVED watching her play the past 3 years for BYU...

The men in her life enjoy watching her as well--daddy John...

... and Patrick.

Friday, April 20, 2012

 The Season Has Begun...

Does he look older to you or is it just me??!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Senior Prom - April 14, 2012

Senior Prom was held at the Salt Palace in SLC this year.

Garrett and Chelsea.

Garrett's pals.

Garrett's group. They played tennis this morning for their day activity and went to Brio for dinner before the dance. (As I've mentioned before, I love the picture of the Savior behind them "reminding" them to remember who they are and what they stand for :)

Hot tubbing and chocolate fountain after the dance...

Hailey and her date Shaden.

Poor Hailey, she took the ACT this morning from 8-noon, ran home for a quick bite to eat and to change clothes, then off to lacrosse tryouts for the girls National team at Westminster from 2-7 pm, raced home, took THE fastest shower, dressed and did hair and makeup in 20 min! She walked out the door at 7:20 pm.

Cooper always wonders what the fuss is all about and when he finally gets to go to bed... (mom does too!)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is this the first of the last(s)?

We attended the National Jr. Honor Society Induction at Mueller Park Jr. High last night.

Grayson was chosen as a 7th grader to be a member and had to show excellence in Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship and Service. How grateful we are for YM and scouting opportunities.

His is our last of 4 to receive this honor.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Enjoyed another fun week at Capistrano Beach during Spring Break.

John was playing with the camera and when he set it on focusing only on the RED things in the frame, it captured his hat and his sunburned knees--hilarious!

I joined the crew after my run and enjoyed just relaxing with no cares, worries or schedules.

Hailey purchased a new lacrosse stick on our trip and took it with her everywhere.

Grayson putting the finishing touches on Garrett's sand burial.

The kids went back and forth from the beach and the pool every day.

Other fun activities included a Dodgers vs. Angels game at Angel Stadium...

Indoor Go Karting...

... in which Garrett lapped everyone at least once.

Went to one of my favorite ice cream places growing up, Farrell's, and ordered a Pig's Trough and ate it all!

Had an amazing day at Sea World...

Visited the Mormon Battalion (fabulous!!) in Old Town San Diego...

The boys panned for gold...

We sadly say goodbye until next year...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Warriors!

Hailey had cheer tryouts for the WXHS 2012-13 squad. She will be a Senior next year! She made the team.

Hillary traveled to Colorado for a 2-day tournament. I usually go to this one but was too busy with the other kids' events that I had to miss it. Apparently she scored a couple of goals...

Garrett played in a tennis tournament...

Grayson's 7th grade comp. team played in an 8th grade tournament...

...and took 2nd place. (I share this picture to show size/height difference--pretty funny)

Off to So. Cal tomorrow to enjoy the beach and RELAX!!!!