Saturday, April 14, 2012

Senior Prom - April 14, 2012

Senior Prom was held at the Salt Palace in SLC this year.

Garrett and Chelsea.

Garrett's pals.

Garrett's group. They played tennis this morning for their day activity and went to Brio for dinner before the dance. (As I've mentioned before, I love the picture of the Savior behind them "reminding" them to remember who they are and what they stand for :)

Hot tubbing and chocolate fountain after the dance...

Hailey and her date Shaden.

Poor Hailey, she took the ACT this morning from 8-noon, ran home for a quick bite to eat and to change clothes, then off to lacrosse tryouts for the girls National team at Westminster from 2-7 pm, raced home, took THE fastest shower, dressed and did hair and makeup in 20 min! She walked out the door at 7:20 pm.

Cooper always wonders what the fuss is all about and when he finally gets to go to bed... (mom does too!)

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Shauna said...

Cooper! So cute along with the kids! Congratulations to Hailey! How can you look that adorable in that amount of time? What would it be like to be young again?