Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Mission Call!

Never has an envelope brought such mixed emotions!! Anxious to know where your child is being called to serve, excited for the journey yet to come, saddened by the void which will fill the home once they leave...

It was nice knowing Grayson's uncle Steve would be hand-delivering the envelope on Tuesday, Mar. 21 so Grayson could invite his closest friends, teammates and ward YM. Only one person guessed the correct country Grayson was called to serve and that was John!

Everyone was welcomed, Garrett said a prayer and Grayson opened his mission call...

He's not an emotional person but reading "Dear Elder Tebbs...You are assigned to labor in the Brazil Campinas Mission...You should report to the Brazil Missionary Training Center on Tuesday, August 8, 2017. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Portuguese language" was more than he could handle and I could tell he was thrilled with the call and it would be the perfect mission for him.

Nothing better than receiving congratulatory hugs from your family and best friends...

Couldn't be more proud of this fine young man who is willing, prepared and worthy to serve the people in Brazil!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

More March Madness!

Tennis season has begun! Grayson is going to play 1st doubles on Varsity but the coach wanted him to play a couple of pre-season matches as singles to get some good hitting experience. He played Bountiful and Clearfield and won both matches handily.

Church ball tuned into one priests team representing the stake since the wards didn't have enough priests to make a full team. Our ward beat all the other wards in the stake so our coach became the stake coach. We won the first round and moved onto quarter finals where we lost 46-47 with Grayson sinking a 3-pointer at the buzzer. I'm going to miss church ball!!

Had a mini Family Home Evening at Beehive Homes visiting Grammy one Sunday night. Cooper was glad he was included...

Pretty excited this is happening right now!

Steve King said Grayson's mission has been assigned and he will bring home the envelope Tuesday, March 21! Grayson's papers were submitted March 15, assigned March 17 and he'll open his call on the 21st. Fastest turn-around ever!

Grayson and Davis played in their first doubles tournament together and took 2nd place out of 6 high schools. They beat Orem and Viewmont and lost to Lone Peak, a 5A school that took state last year. They're looking forward to a successful season together.

John and I feel blessed to have many good friends in our ward and neighborhood. Went to the Mystery Escape Room with this crew and then to dinner at Market Street Grill to top off a fun evening.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

March Madness!

A much-needed girls trip to the Vegas Hilton for a couple of days of food, shopping and fun! And SUN!!!

Michelle, Kristen, Lauretta and I really do enjoy each other's company and share lots of laughs together. The Donny & Marie Show was great and we were the youngest in the audience but still knew all their songs!

After a combined total of 8 hours shopping at Fashion Show and Premium Outlets, I was more than ready for a few hours of lounging in the sun--especially when it was still cold and dreary in Utah...

We always eat at the most amazing restaurants and get many small plates to share. This trip we went to Sear Sucker and Beauty & Essex. Delicious!!

Besides a double chocolate concrete I got at Shake Shack in Vegas, I got my first Shamrock Shake of the season as soon as I got home.

Grayson asked Audrey Eyring to the prom (younger sister to Emma who Grayson took to Homecoming--he LOVES that family!)

Had several visits to see mom this month...

John and I got the last couple of seats to Matilda at the Eccles Theater...