Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Weekend!

I love the JW Marriott Resort in Summerlin, Las Vegas. We've been going there the last few years for the Bigfoot Hoops Basketball tournament with Grayson's competition Wildcats team.

In addition to lots of basketball, the boys get a ton of free time to relax, hang out by the pool, play games and participate in Coach Mitch's scavenger hunt.

Hailey came with us this year and we enjoyed a 5-mile walk around the area early one morning. She had to take a picture by the Alta Drive sign to send to her Alta JV lacrosse girls she coaches.

Grayson's team played 3 tough, all-black Vegas teams and Bingham. 

Love the height difference between our team and Bingham!

Won one, lost three but the boys played well and Grayson showed he can still play the game...

We drove from Vegas to St. George to spend the night and attend church on Easter Sunday. Made it back home Sunday evening for Easter bags and a visit from Grammy & Papa.

My March Madness

Everyone is busy with their March Madness basketball brackets. I'm doing things I enjoy! I LOVE Bountiful Baskets.  For $16 you get a basket of fruit and a basket of veggies that are fresh and delicious. I always find ways to use everything I get.

I helped Grayson make his poster to ask his friend Bailey to the Prom--usually his sisters help him but neither one were around. He wrote the initials of his name on each of the clementines.

Went to Alyssa Simon Beveridge's baby shower. The Simon's were are good friends in our first house and neighborhood and Alyssa was Hillary's age and best friend. It was fun to catch up!

Hailey made me be the one to throw away her mission bag because she just couldn't bring herself to do it with all the mission memories associated with it...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. George Tennis Tournament

We had another awesome adventure at Duel in the Desert tennis tournament in St. George. Woods Cross did well and entered 2 varsity teams and 1 JV team. Grayson played 2nd singles on the Varsity 1 team and beat Pleasant Grove and Bear River and lost to Timpview and Wasatch.

All 18 boys attended the tournament and 1/3 of the team stayed at our house! After our traditional Brick Oven dinner Friday night the whole team came over to hang out until 11 pm.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sweethearts Dance!

Grayson's good friend Katherine (Kat) asked him to the Woods Cross girls choice Sweethearts Dance. For their activity the night before, the girls hired a hypnotist to come entertain the 12 couples and then they went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. For the dance, the girls took the guys to Tepanyaki Japanese Steakhouse, the dance at Ogden Union Station and then to play games and hang out. Grayson had a great couple of days!

February Fun!

John and I celebrated Valentines Day a couple weeks late since we had all the kids home that weekend. Dinner was delicious and NOT having the Valentines crowd was fabulous!

Learned how to make homemade tamales at a Relief Society activity with my church pals... and they were delicious!! Ate my two-tamale allotment as I drove home.

Garrett was happy his Broncos jersey finally arrived a couple weeks after the Superbowl. Good thing the Broncos won so he can still wear it with pride--haha!

John was given some Jazz tickets on the 4th row from a client so he took Garrett. They ran into Thurl Bailey who was nice enough to pose for a pic.

I found a new favorite burger and shake place and had no idea a downtown shooting was taking place two blocks away when I was ordering! Almost felt like I was back in my hometown in SoCal...

Best time of year is NOW--Shamrock Shakes at McDonald's for a couple more weeks! And that is definitely going back to my childhood as my parents would take me to get one each week during the month of March :)