Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Fun!

John and I celebrated Valentines Day a couple weeks late since we had all the kids home that weekend. Dinner was delicious and NOT having the Valentines crowd was fabulous!

Learned how to make homemade tamales at a Relief Society activity with my church pals... and they were delicious!! Ate my two-tamale allotment as I drove home.

Garrett was happy his Broncos jersey finally arrived a couple weeks after the Superbowl. Good thing the Broncos won so he can still wear it with pride--haha!

John was given some Jazz tickets on the 4th row from a client so he took Garrett. They ran into Thurl Bailey who was nice enough to pose for a pic.

I found a new favorite burger and shake place and had no idea a downtown shooting was taking place two blocks away when I was ordering! Almost felt like I was back in my hometown in SoCal...

Best time of year is NOW--Shamrock Shakes at McDonald's for a couple more weeks! And that is definitely going back to my childhood as my parents would take me to get one each week during the month of March :)

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