Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It Never Rains in California...

... it pours!!! John and I thought we'd tack on two extra days of touring to our Santa Barbara trip to watch Hillary's lacrosse tournament--little did we know it would be California's 2nd biggest storm in many years. We flew into Monterey and explored Cannery Row.

My favorites shops usually have sugar, candy and/or chocolate.

We enjoyed a delicious evening meal at this place.

We drove down the coast to Big Sur.

We went on a 3-hour Monterey Movie Tour which was incredibly fun and included the famous 17-mile drive and this lone tree which has been in many films.

Also stopped at Pebble Beach to warm up by the fireplace while looking out on the beautiful coastal golf course.

Headed to Carmel and another Sweet Shop.

A short break in the rain to catch a gorgeous Carmel sunset.

Drove 4 hours south to Santa Barbara for a 2-day lacrosse tournament which we literally stood in pouring rain to watch. BYU beat Pittsburgh and Texas handily, lost by 1 in overtime against Florida and had a good showing but lost to #1-ranked Cal Poly.

Hillary got a lot of field time and played hard.

The things we do (and wear) for our kids...

... until next year Santa Barbara--you owe us!


Karen said...

What is up with this weather? We went to St. George and got SNOW! I loved seeing your pictures...Montery and Carmel are some of my favorite California places. I love the lone Cyprus tree. There is such a neat feel to the overcast beaches of Northern Cali.

Carin said...

I would be content to hear the sounds of the ocean...waves crashing into the coast! I hope the weather clears up and gets warm for the rest of your trip! Good luck Hillary!!!!!!!!

Morgan said...

Those pictures look so beautiful!! I love that you and John take time to support each of your kids at their different events! Tell Hillary we all think she's a rock star!!!

The Huntsville Dunns said...

Ummm, I guess I was signed in as Morgan. It's me Karra ;)

Shauna Rae said...

Aw, your pictures are so familiar to me!!! I'm so sorry the weather didn't cooperate! That candy store in Carmel ... we go every time we're there! One of my other friends was there too, over the weekend and told me that as they were driving along the coast it was actually snowing!! People were stopping and getting out of their cars to take pictures of it because they had never seen it! Did you go to the bakery in Carmel and get a dark chocolate covered macaroon?!!