Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy 21st Elder Tebbs!!

I have mixed feelings about Garrett turning 21.  He's a man, he's an adult and he's not here.  But he will be--soon.  6 days to be exact.  I told him we'd celebrate then, but I still sent a small package to Mexico with some of his favorite treats and a couple of gifts to open today.


Garrett has always been a quiet, sober child with a strong spiritual soul.  John and I have often talked about what a special child he's been--and he came that way!  Multiple teachers and leaders have made the same comments about him through the years so I know it wasn't just us as parents seeing this side of him.

He and Hailey have always been close--maybe because they're just 18 months apart in age and a year apart in school.  As missionaries, their service even overlapped and they were able to support one another.  They are looking forward to being at BYU together in January 2016 after she returns home!

He's always been close to his grandparents and willing to help them and spend time with them.

He always took seminary seriously and graduated...

He was a great student in high school and loved being on the high school tennis team for four years.

He started delivering newspapers when he was 12 and then worked at Robintinos when he was 16 to earn money for his car of choice...

...he then sold the car to pay for his mission.

He had many friends in high school and the group in this picture all served honorable missions and Garrett will be the 3rd one in this group to return home.

I took a trip with Garrett right before he left on his mission and he persuaded me to do something I've never had a desire to do...  We had a fabulous week together!

This is the last picture of the siblings together just 2 months before Garrett left.  They have MANY inside jokes between them and enjoy spending time together.

 Happy 21st Birthday Elder Tebbs--soon to be called "Garrett" again in 6 days.  A son has a place in a mother's heart that can't be replaced.  
I love you always.


Sher said...

I had the privilege of teaching Garrett. He has an extraordinary spirit. I am excited that he has been able to represent the Savior for the people of Mexico. He reminds me of Jesus... he must have known Him so well, and I can imagine he represented him in extraordinary ways. What a blessing Garrett has had to be able to come to your family and have you as his Mother. I know your heart is with him down there in Mexico. Won't it be wonderful to have your whole heart home again. I admire you, Alicia, and I love you! And Happy Birthday, Garrett!

Sher said...

This is Sheryl Cardon.... not sure why I'm Sher on here, but my mom called me that so I guess that's okay with me. I am not very tech savvy... yet.