Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday... Night Live!

Decided to run the Mueller Park Loop Saturday morning at 9 am since it was already in the upper 60s and a beautiful day.  There were A LOT of people on the narrow trail which makes it hard when the first 2/3s of the trail is uphill and you have to stop to let bikes and others coming downhill go past.  Next time I run this, I think I'm going to start the other way...

Cooper went to a new groomer called Sugar Plum Grooming and they were extra cute with him, made sure he felt comfortable in his environment before they started and had a report card and picture of him for me when I picked him up.  They sent him home with his tie so he is now ready for Halloween.

Saturday NIGHT was stellar--one of the best costume parties yet by our hosts, Heather and Kelly Passey.  All Saturday Night Live characters, actors, skits & sketches were so creative and hilarious!!  
I only took a few photos so I could enjoy the party but here's a taste of who was in the house...
The Brights as Church Lady and Dooneese with tiny hands won my absolute top pick of the night!
Best.Party.Yet (and I say "yet" because Heather already has next year's theme picked out...)

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