Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend!

As you can see, I wasn't in Bountiful when I took this picture :)...  Grayson and I left Thursday morning and drove to Vegas for a basketball tournament with his 9th grade Wildcat team.  The coach let the boys swim and goof around before/after their games so they had an awesome time. (Grayson is the one with his legs crossed and his friend Taylor in blue is sitting on him.)

They had their first game Thursday night at 9 pm and the next one Friday at 1:30 pm.  They played tough teams from Vegas and California and lost.

#24 Grayson playing point guard

On Saturday morning their first game was at 8 am and because I'd seen the calibre of teams at this tournament, I fully expected to be on the road heading north easily before noon.  However, they won that game so they played at 1:25.  Won that game, so they played again at 5:45 pm.  Won that game, so they went to the championship game of their bracket which was at 8:00 pm!  They lost, earning them 2nd place but they were still pleased with the outcome--especially their coach.

Grayson and I got to St. George at midnight, slept until 4 am and drove back to Bountiful so we could make it to 9 am church and all of our family Easter activities!  Our immediate family egg hunt is getting quite small...

Hailey received the rest of the things she needs for her mission and a movie to watch before she goes...

Grayson was quite ecstatic about his loot...

We're glad cousin Courtnie has so many darling kids which made the next egg hunt at Grammy & Papa's in Sandy so fun and entertaining!

Our last stop was in Kaysville where John's sister hosted the 4 sibling May birthday celebration (since we're all too busy to do it next month).  

We got home before 10 pm so I calculated I had driven more than 500 miles in a 24-hour period and had 3 hours of sleep!!!  Good night to me!

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