Thursday, January 1, 2009

Garrett's Happy Day!

Garrett finally passed the test and got his driver's permit. He wants to go out driving all the time and of course mom is the one available to go with him (he's actually a good driver--thank goodness)! So now we begin the 40 hours of supervised driving until he turns 16 next November...
Garrett also had a very eventful New Year's Eve with a small party at our house until 12:30 am. Hillary went out with friends until 1, Hailey went to a party at a friend's until 1 and Grayson went to a friend's house til 10. John and I got through watching about half of "Mama Mia" before taking a catnap but woke up in time to say Happy New Year and have a toast with Grayson, take kids home, wait for kids to come home and of course, clean up the mess 8 teenagers can make with food, confetti, bubbles and poppers!
Happy New Year!!!


Misty said...

Ryan and I watched Mama Mia last night as well. It put him right to sleep and I had to wake him up for midnight. I can't believe Garrett is driving! I swear he was just in Primary. Where does the time go? Happy New Year!

Tracy said...

Cute kids, they grow up all to fast. I love the pic of your dog too, we are a sucker for ours. I'd love to do lunch sometime just call and we'll set a date!