Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wild West Wednesday!

What a deal! $2 Wednesdays at This Is The Place in SLC until September. Since Grayson and a friend were attending a camp at the U this week from 9-noon, I thought we'd head over for some Pioneer fun with a deal like that.

I was hoping Grayson was having a good time but could never catch him with a smile on his face.

... thought for sure he'd show a little excitement while panning for gold...

... how about candlemaking????

... thought maybe a train ride would do the trick...

... and finally SUCCESS--the beginnings of a smile as he got shaved! Glad to know he'll be smiling on a daily basis once he needs a razor!!


Carin said...

His expressions crack me up! :)
He looked a tiny bit annoyed with you...but that couldn't be! :)

Was the $2 day busy???? My kids love to go there...but it would be much better for $2!!!!

Tebbs Family said...

It wasn't bad at all. We got there at 12:30 and left at 2:30 and didn't have to wait in any lines and able to do all we wanted. You can even pack your lunch in and eat at the bowery... you have a couple more months!

國昆 said...
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