Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The month is running away and I can't catch it!!!

The month began with BYU lacrosse playing Westminster and the U of U in a double header--crushing both teams.

These were the first games with the new 2010-11 BYU team and Hillary got to play a lot and is still as aggressive as ever...

Grayson is turning 12 on Nov. 13 and I am taking him to NYC like I've done with all the other kids so he got to open his sibling presents tonight... Church "stuff" from Garrett (can't believe he'll be passing the sacrament in a week!)

Hillary is obsessed with anything Toy Story so of course she gave him the latest vid and the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

Hailey gave him their favorite laughing video--Master of Disguise--and his absolute "to die for" candy...

Hailey and I both received our Young Woman Recognition Award this past year and were honored with a fun "through the years" slide show and very nice tribute from John.

Off to NYC in the morning--yay!


Carin said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you and Hailey!
You are the best!
The young women are going to miss you!

Have fun in NYC!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday Grayson!!!!
I think I should start that tradition in our house!!!!

Karen said...

Wow, you put this up fast! Thanks again for being such a great friend and support to me. Have a wonderful time with Grayson!

Shauna Rae said...

Congratulations A & H for achieving your YW Recognition Award!!! I'm going to miss both of you! Have fun in NYC!!!!!!!!!