Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Perfect Relay...

Wow! I LOVE this race!!! Red Rock Relay in Moab--70 miles, 6 people, one van, 12 hours--perfect!! I started off at 6:35 am to the most gorgeous weather and scenery you could imagine. This was also the best I felt and I ran my first leg of 6.5 miles under 8 minute miles. Personal best.

Can it get more gorgeous than this?

John did pretty well. He started his training LAST WEEK because he's been so busy at work, lousy weather to run in and then got sick... excuses--but he ran/walked a 5.4 mile leg and walked a 3-mile uphill leg.

John handing off to Scott.

Dan and Heidi--fun friends we ran with and they were nice enough to lend their car for the race.

Again, gorgeous Moab backdrops.

More fun friends to run with--Scott and Lauretta.

Have to be honest--the women tore it up! Between the 3 of us, we ran 40 of the 70 miles...

My last leg of 7.62 miles. Ran a little over 8 minute miles on street and trails--very fun but a little warm at 80 degrees.

Our fantastic team "Run, Walk, Crawl," completing the race at 6:33 pm.

I am signing up again for next year. Anyone interested???


Shauna said...

Way to go!!! Wow, it looks SO tempting! I think you're ready for a marathon?

Karen said...

I thought about you guys on the 14th...we would love to do it next year. I just have to convince Steve that it's okay to walk a lot of it. (He can bike all day, but running kills his knees:() So glad it was a great experience for you!

Tracy said...

Wow! I am not a runner in the least so I am highly impressed by all of this. I think we went running a couple of times on the mission. I felt so sorry for you having such a non athletic companion. Good job Alicia!!!