Monday, December 5, 2011

St. George Expedition Relay

Team Run Walk Crawl was up for trying a new relay--St. George Expedition 50-mile Relay on Dec. 3, 2011.

Karen started us off in 36-degree temp.

I thought all three of these runners looked very "special..." ha ha Heidi!

Michelle got to run 4.5 miles up Snow Canyon and got a beanie when she reached the top for her accomplishment!

I had a 7.3-mile "rolling" leg and beat my 1-hour goal and ran it in 59 min.

Lauretta likes to throw in a skip during each of her legs.

I think this is the funniest incident from the race... Michelle wanting desperately for me to take a picture on the sly with "shorty pants" and then catching him looking at another bum at the same time!

After Michelle finished her 5-mile leg, she wanted to add another four and run with Lauretta. Now that's a marathoner for you!

7 hours and 43 minutes later we finished 50 miles!


Karen said...

Yay for us! That was soooo much fun. Thanks for getting all together!

Shauna said...

Great, great, GREAT photos! The one of that guy??? Ewwwwww!! Seriously WRONG! So happy you beat your 1 hour time!

Carin said...

You ladies are amazing!!!!!!