Friday, June 29, 2012

Trip of a Lifetime...

Garrett and Hailey were so excited to head off on this adventure to Europe together.  They took approximately 1,800 photos between their two cameras and I only included a few that illustrated where they'd gone and had them in the shots.  

First stop: cold and rainy London for a couple of days.  They saw all the local sights, Windsor Castle and went to "Wicked."

Next stop: Paris.

Lucerne, Switzerland.

Venice, Italy.  Garrett said Italy was his favorite country by far.  And... they were both so glad it was warm and sunny.


Other stops included Florence, Rome, Pompeii in Italy and Athens, Greece where they went on a 3-day cruise to several islands and Turkey.

Garrett and Hailey with their incredible tour guide, Antonio.

They both told me if Mr. Rigby at WXHS is still doing these tours in a few years, Grayson needs to go and I need to accompany him!!

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Shauna said...

What an amazing time for the two of them! WOW! Loved all the pictures and Garrett is SO RIGHT!!!! ITALY is the best and my favorite too!!!