Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fun Family Birthday Week!

Our summer has been quite busy yet very fun this year.  Hailey and Grayson are 3-1/2 years apart but are the best of friends.  They've taken turns having "sleepovers" in each other's rooms each week which usually consists of watching a DVD in bed with a big bowl of popcorn.

We attended the Bountiful Handcart Days Parade as usual but it was strange not having any kids in the parade for the first time in many years...

John and Hailey wanted to run in the Handcart Days 5K so I obliged and joined them.  I usually don't do 5Ks--only relays--so I wasn't quite sure what to expect in such a short race.

Hailey and John joined in the Zumba pre-race warmup.

I immediately got in the zone: chewing my gum, listening to my tunes and checking my pace on my phone.

After I finished I went back to find Hailey and John and saw Hailey passing him right before the finish line.

I was pretty happy with my 1st place finish in my age category (age has its benefits) as well as my time.

The best part was the free after-race massage we all took advantage of

and our favorite IBC rootbeer in the bottle.

Our next activity of the week took us to Logan to have dinner with John's family and spend the night in a hotel.  The next morning we were able to get an early start to Bear Lake.  John has become the "Houdini Master" at changing into a bathing suit in front of large crowds with only a towel for modesty.

 Grayson enjoyed time on the tube.

Saturday, July 27 was my birthday.  I turned 48.  We went up to Park City where we are staying off/on in a condo for the week.  I received many cards, gifts and Facebook shoutouts from friends and family.  My favorites are always the homemade cards from my kids.  Hilarious!

 The kids enjoying my reaction...

More birthday fun in Park City.

Mexican food is my favorite so of course I had fried ice cream for my birthday dessert...

...and John bought me my favorite Apple Pie caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory AND a marshmallow treat!  Ate them all--it's my birthday, right?!!

Headed back to the condo where we all went swimming and hot tubbing.  I am so glad my kids enjoy each other as much as I enjoy each of them!!  Great birthday--great week--great life!


Misty said...

You have a great family! The Tebbs are the best! Happy birthday yesterday. I was off the grid and unable to wish you a happy birthday, but I did mention to my family it was your birthday. We sent you birthday wishes telepathically from the Uinta Mountains yesterday. Did you hear them? :) I hope you had a great day and I look forward to lunch soon!

Shauna said...

Alisha!!!!!!! As rock at EVERYTHING you do! Seriously girl! Congrats on the race!!!!!