Sunday, September 8, 2013

Busy Saturday!!

Saturday was non-stop!  It started out with a convert baptism in our ward of a lovely lady who has sung in my ward choir the past few years and has been married to a member of our church but has never joined herself.  She said it was a phrase John used when he bore his testimony in church last week that helped her take the last leap of faith and decide to get baptized.  He said something along the lines of how we do our best throughout this life and after we've done everything we can do, we are entitled to help from our Heavenly Father.  We are proud of her!

Our next activity was Dog-A-Pool-Ooza at the So. Davis Rec. Center.  It was $5/tail.  The Rec Center does this every year in the outdoor kiddie pool before they clean it and close it for the year.  Since this was our first time, we made the mistake of showing up during the big dog time and Cooper was a bit scared.  Those dogs were running and leaping through the water, chasing each other and thinking Cooper was a snack!  Next year we'll show up at the small dog time.

Our final activity of the night was heading to Provo for a 5:00 pm BYU game vs. Texas.  When we left Bountiful it was 90 degrees and sunny (as you can see by my white shorts and short-sleeved BYU shirt).  By the time we got to the freeway exit at 4:00 pm, we were in torrential rain, flooding and traffic you wouldn't believe.  John found an alternate route behind some commercial buildings and we parked at Hailey's apartment which is a block and a half from the stadium.  I had to ask her roommate to let me in so I could borrow sweats, a sweatshirt and a blanket since the temperature was now 59 degrees!!

The game ended up starting at 7:00 pm and we were there early enough to see the pre-game cheering and low enough to get a few pictures with John's camera since we didn't take our nice one because of the rain.

BYU won handily and we left during the 3rd quarter because we were wet, tired and had already been gone for 6 hours.  I better get used to these all-day game events since there are 5 more home games.  Next up:  BYU vs. Utah on Sept. 21!!!!


Shauna said...

Oh my heavens! Did June do it?!!!! So HAPPY for her!!! I can't believe you love your doggy that much as to take him on an outing!!!! TRUE dog-lover!

Misty said...

I'm sad I missed Testimony meeting and even more sad I missed June's baptism. I love the diversity of women around us. I think it keeps me grounded. And next year our dogs have a date at the pool!