Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another Race, Another Shirt...

This was definitely one of the craziest races (in regards to mishaps) and toughest races I've run.  I signed our team Run, Walk, Crawl up for 3 Red Rock Relay races this year and the Park City race was a new one so we thought we'd take it on.  I had 4 different people drop out from our team of 6 with the last one occurring the night before the race!!  Luckily, Dayna roped her daughter Charly in last minute to become our 6th team member.  A few "memorable" experiences include:  28 degree weather, a toe blister the size of a tumor, hills as steep as a stair stepper, 10-mile trail run with no support, hooking up mid-race with a team member who couldn't come until 2 pm, 2 team members leaving at 2 pm, getting lost and running an extra 2 miles, driving all over Deer Valley looking for this lost person, splitting up an extra 8+ miles between 4 people who'd already run 2 legs each, to name a few :D

Lauretta starting us off in COLD temps at The Homestead in Midway at 7:20 am!

Always a happy runner... She should be--she's halfway done with her legs!

Michelle waiting for Lauretta.

Finishing up Leg 2

Good sport Charly heading out on a 6.7-miler

Why do most legs have to end with an incline???

Waiting for Charly... Our 6th team member wasn't arriving until the afternoon! 

Fnishing off Charly's incline on Leg 4.

Happy Me--done with my 1st leg.

Dayna took Leg 5 and it was a good thing she didn't show me her blister until AFTER she ran!

Trooper Dayna.

Lauretta running her nasty steep hill by Jordanelle Reservoir.

Another 6+ miler for Charly--good thing she showed up!

At least she enjoyed the beautiful scenery...

Ready to run a 10-mile trail adventure--literally!

Michelle was SO done.

Happy to be starting my 2nd leg.

Happy to be finishing my 2nd leg and that Kara had arrived.

Kara off to run two back-to-back legs from Park City to top of Guardsman Pass.

Finishing the next to last leg. 

Since 2 of our team members had to leave early, the four of us split up the last 8+ miles and tag-teamed a couple miles each.  65 miles and 10-1/2 hours later we celebrated the most interesting race I've ever participated in... At least I got a shirt, right?!


Carin Davis said...

What an ADVENTURE!!!!!!!

LoisWantsHal said...

Alicia! What crisp, fun story-telling--and all about the team, in both the race and its re-telling. CRAZY!You could re-write this for Reader's Digest, or The Ensign.