Monday, March 24, 2014

St. George Tennis Tournament

Grayson is pretty new to tennis.  He decided to pursue this sport once he gave up comp. soccer last Spring.  He has been working hard and developing a passion for it.  He was one of two 9th graders to make the WXHS Tennis Team and he plays doubles on their JV squad with 10th grader Xonjay.

They're an awesome group of boys, learning great character and life-building skills and they've been very welcoming and supportive of Grayson.

The Varsity team moved on to the tournament finals and won the championship!

This may be the year WXHS takes State Tennis!  Good luck Wildcats!!


Misty said...

I can totally see Grayson as a pro-tennis player! It will be fun to see him develop his skills in high school.

Shauna said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! Now we just need to get his mama playing!