Sunday, July 26, 2015

Celebrating the 24th of July

I can't remember when we HAVEN'T set up chairs to watch the Bountiful Handcart Days Parade on Main Street.  We have different people join us each year but it's a fun tradition and my cute sons still seem to enjoy it!

I started training last January for a half marathon I did in April.  I ran well but felt I could do better.  I continued raining for another half, all downhill, I'm running in September but thought I'd do a progress check by sneaking one more half in before my September race.  I registered for the Deseret News Classic a week before the race, hopped on the bus at Rice Eccles Stadium at 4:15 am to get dropped off 6 miles up Emigration Canyon, started the race at 6:00 am and ran across the finish line at 7:36 am.  
Cut 8 minutes off my April time.  Guess the training is working...

My good friends met me after the race to do a pre-celebratory birthday breakfast at Penny Ann's Cafe--my favorite breakfast place.  They let me come even though I was sweaty and smelly!
That's when you really know they're TRUE friends :)

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