Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weekend Warriors!

When Hillary called to say she was flying up to run the SL Haunted Half Marathon, I thought it would be fun to sign up and run with her.  I'd planned on being done with races for the season but the course sounded great and I love running races I haven't tried before.  I also signed Garrett and John to run the 5K.  The Half Marathon started 8-1/2 miles up Emigration Canyon with the headless horseman as the race leader.  It was really cold while we waited an hour for the race to begin but once we started running the weather was perfect.  We talked the entire 13+ miles and cross the finish line together at 1:46.  John and Garrett ran their 5K together too, then Garrett hopped on front runner to Provo to attend the BYU football game.

After the race, we had brunch at our favorite Penny Ann's Cafe, went shopping at City Creek and Park City and had dinner at Bombay House.

Grayson didn't run with us because he was participating in WXHS Sadies activities with Berklee.

Fun weekend for us all!

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