Sunday, November 15, 2015

Birthday Boys!!

I love November! Big party at our house with back-to-back birthdays, Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping and a lot of "together" time...

Garrett started out the month turning 22 on November 4.  The kids always choose a favorite restaurant on their birthday.  We met Garrett at Winger's in Orem so he could get his all-you-can-eat sticky fingers and asphalt pie.

These two are always laughing and goofing off together.  Even though they're 5 years apart, they're close friends and I love it!

Grayson turned 17 on Friday the 13th.  Friends are a big part of his life so he took 5 of his closest buddies to his favorite place the night before his birthday and celebrated with the family the night of his birthday at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

I love this amazing family of mine and can't wait until Sister Tebbs returns home in a couple of weeks on Dec. 2 and we're all together again.

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