Sunday, April 17, 2016

SATURDAY... What a day!

 Busy day started at 6 am when I had John follow me to SLC to park my car close to the finish line and drop me off at the start of the Salt Lake Half Marathon at the U of U. There were lots of roads blocked off and the bicycle race started earlier so we almost didn't make it in time. I ended up getting in my corral at 6:50, 10 minutes before the start of the race.


I moved up to the 50-54 age category this year and ran a minute and 15 seconds faster which earned me both a 1st place in my age category and 1st place of all 50 and older females which they call the GrandMaster winner. I was shocked! Age does have its benefits!!

After the race I hurried to WXHS to watch Grayson play in an 8-team tennis tournament. WX ended up in 2nd place--runner up to the tournament.

Grayson got a whole hour to shower and change for the Prom. He took Bailey Passey--a close family friend which he's known since he was 6... They looked great together! They were in a group of 32 couples so they were able to do lots of fun things like rent out the So. Davis Rec. Center for their day activity, pictures at the Capital, dinner at Tucanos Brazilian Grill and indoor soccer after the Prom. He loves hanging with his best buddies...

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