Thursday, May 12, 2016

She's 21!!!

 Here's my picture shrine of my baby girl--Hailey Eliza Tebbs, born May 12, 1995!

Hailey kept me extremely busy during her adolescent years because she wanted to participate in everything and was good at everything!

She performed with Ballet West in the Nutcracker 5 consecutive Christmas seasons as a buffoon, party princess, party girl (twice) and soldier.

Cheerleading and dance became a major part of her junior high and high school years...

  But she wasn't done with sports! She started playing lacrosse in Jr. High as well and continued throughout high school becoming team captain for Woods Cross High School her sophomore through senior years, MVP, all-state, etc. The funniest moment I remember is when I saw her running across the field with her lacrosse uniform over her ballet tights with her hair in a bun as she came straight from ballet class to her lacrosse game. This girl could do it all!

 I thought high school was busy but her Freshman year at BYU as a cheerleader had us driving to Provo several times a week to watch her perform at football and basketball games.

 With her May birthday, sometimes we share celebrating both Mother's Day and her birthday together--best days for me!

I am in awe, inspired and motivated by this beautiful young woman as we share fun times, activities and trips together!

I thought my heart would literally break in two when she left for 18 months to serve in the Tennessee Nashville Mission...

 ...but the joy of having her return as an even BETTER version of Hailey was worth it all!

 HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY my beautiful daughter, mentor and friend. 
I love you!

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