Saturday, September 10, 2016

First NFL Game!

I happened to be reading my emails early Thursday morning and saw the Broncos had their season opener that night against Super Bowl rivals the Panthers. I texted Garrett and asked if he wanted to go to the game and he responded, "How?" 
An hour later... this was how!

Used my American Express points to stay at the Westin which is at the end of one of the airport terminals. Walked from the plane to our hotel, dropped off our backpacks (we could travel light for a 16-hour trip) and took the escalator down two floors to catch the new train to downtown Denver.

Hopped in with the crowd of orange and made our way to the stadium.

Aerial view...

Our seats weren't too bad for buying them same-day.

They put on quite a show getting on the field...

...and we were pleasantly surprised to see One Republic perform at halftime!

The Broncos played an exciting game and beat the Panthers 21-20 in the last few seconds. We walked out of the stadium, hopped on the light rail which took us to the train which took us to our hotel, went to bed and walked to the terminal the next morning to catch our 6 am flight home. Loved my first NFL game and hope to go to another Broncos game soon!!

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