Monday, May 15, 2017

Week of Celebration!

Sis and I stopped by Beehive Homes a few days before Mother's Day so we could be there together to give mom a couple of gifts and celebrate with her! She was perky and responsive and we felt blessed.

She loved her new outfits we gave her but she especially loved the baby doll she gets to hold and snuggle...

Hailey turned 22 on May 12th and she got some fun gifts plus an amazing dinner at Benihana!

Hailey was also a good sport to run the Vigor Half Marathon with me. She doesn't particularly enjoy running even though she's good at it. It was a chilly 6 am start up near Solitude Ski Resort but a warm finish 13.1 miles later at Old Mill. We stayed together and chatted the whole race and only made one potty stop to run a 1:46.

Garrett and John ran the 10K together and I think the only reason Garrett does so is for the massage at the end of the race!

My favorite thing about Mother's Day isn't the gifts--even though they were awesome!--but just being together as a family and enjoying each others' company.

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