Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring Flings!

ENJOYED lots of fun experiences throughout the month of April...

1. Got to drive with my friend Misty to "test out" a Sheep-a-Doodle puppy in Fillmore. I got to ride home with newly-purchased Indigo Ray on my lap for 2 hours. 

2. Literally "ran" into Grayson's 2nd mom Heather Massey at Tunnel Springs Park and had to send a picture to Grayson to document it.

3. Michelle and I finally "paid up" on our Christmas present to dad with tickets to Music Man at Hale Theater and dinner at Mimi's prior (dad's treat).

4. Got to "check out" the newly refurbished Jordan River Temple with the Kings and dad.

5. Scheduled a "quick trip" to Park City for John's birthday over the weekend and he drove straight from a sunny, hot golf tournament in St. George that morning to cool, snowy Cheateaux at Deer Valley.

6. Took a "leisurely hike" up Mueller Park Canyon after early morning stake conference and having the whole afternoon available...

7. Enjoyed "email banter" with this Elder on his p-day and happy to hear he's doing well accompanied with pictures to prove it!

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