Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Happy Everything to Me!

We've been empty nesters for 10 months now and there's been a bit of a learning curve but lately I've scored BIG with amazing purchases all within the same month!

I sold the Acura TL I'd been driving a few months ago and started driving Grayson's stick-shift sporty VW once the snow was gone. We finally sold it for him so I needed a car. After lots of test driving, I found this smooth-riding Lexus at Rand's Auto and couldn't be happier.

John has always enjoyed road biking but I've never had the time or interest. Now I have a bit of both and he wants someone to go riding with so he bought me a road bike. I love the color and it rides great!

Unfortunately, our computer died when we were in California so we had to get a new one. Thanks to Collin's employee discount at Apple we got a big screen and it is FAST. I'm praying that the company working on getting all my documents and 42,000 photos off my old computer can extract everything!!

Lastly, we got a pickleball net so we can practice at home :) I feel like it was Christmas, Mother's Day and my birthday all in one!!

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