Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Camps

Hailey and I are heading off to girls camp for the week so I thought I'd make life REALLY easy for John and drop the boys off to camps too. Garrett is at BYU tennis camp for the week and Grayson is at the BYU basketball camp.
This is Grayson's first time spending the night away from us over a period of time--he's only 11--and I hope he does OK...
He's got great buddies to hang with and hours and hours of basketball each day so he "should" be fine. Plus unlimited food in the Cannon Center--isn't that every boy's dream?! I just reminded Garrett to say hi to his little brother if he sees him on campus... you know how that goes.


Carin said...

Have fun at girl's camp!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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